Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Real Reason the US is now agin' the Confederate Flag

Confederate Battle Flag is now being persecuted in the USA

In his Sunday RANT today, Northern Truthseeker brought up the newly-minted, staged and contrived controversy around the Confederate Battle flag in the US.  He says:

.... To me, the idea of removing the Confederate "Stars and Bars" battle flag from every place across the American south is beyond ludicrous... The "Stars and Bars" was never the official flag of the Confederate States of America, but was actually first incorporated as the battle flag of Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, and has since symbolized resistance from tyranny...It is absolutely not a symbol of "slavery" or "racism" as the Jew spew media has been promoting, but symbolizes not only resistance but the rights of the individual to stand up for justice and freedom.... Heck, the entire American Civil War was not even fought over "slavery", but was actually fought for the rights of the southern states to stand for "state's rights" against the imperial power of the federal government out of Washington DC....  Therefore, to push the removal of the "Stars and Bars" is just another push by the criminals to remove the symbols of resistance from tyranny.....  I may not be an American, but I would be proud to wave the Stars and Bars here..."

The Inconvenient History of the Confederate Battle Flag 

The Cross of St. Andrews is the basis for the Confederate Battle Flag.  It has an ancient history. A version of it has been the Flag of Scotland, where it is called the Saltire. It originated in Russia...associated with the "Order of St. Andrew" which was a prestigious award given by the Tsars including Peter the Great. Legend has it that the apostle, St. Andrew, patron saint of Russia, was nailed to an inverse cross--similar to the blue cross above. The symbol of the inverse cross has traditionally been used as a in a railway crossing warning symbol.

The Confederate Flag version of the Cross of St Andrews is called "The Battle Jack" and is based on a former but little used naval flag of the Russian Federation. It is now the designated battle flag of the breakaway Ukraine provinces of Donetsk and Lugansk. These two provinces together are commonly referred to as Novorossiya.

With the US Confederate flag firmly rooted in Russian history...the laughable spooks in the US government and media (one and the same) have been appalled at how their well loved but fundamentally mis-understood historical symbol is now being associated with the Ukraine rebels--and their recent military routs over the Ukraine US-sponsored Junta Ukronazi armies. These insane Atlantist ghouls are all about symbols/staging and this is not working for them!  I have a personal suspicion there are a lot of young (and old) American men sneaking off to Novorossiya and joining the rebels there. No doubt they're inspired (well, at least not turned off) by the Novorossiyan flag--imbuing as it does a time in American history when their country was not beyond redemption through revolution (as it is today). In other words...I do not believe "Texas" (Russell) is a "one off".

"Texas" an American from the American South fighting for Novorossiyan Army

So...they had to stage a False Flag in Charleston, an (IMO, spectacularly unsuccessful) effort to denigrate the Confederate Battle Flag...and staunch the flow of potential American soldiers to join "Texas" in Novorossiya.  I know, I know...sounds crazy but these entities (as we well know) are certifiably insane.

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