Saturday, June 13, 2015

"Texas" Reporting from Donbass--Another child is murdered by NAZI's

UPDATE:  JUNE 14, 2015 Here is a video of the Ukrainian Military shooting Grad Rockets at Donetsk right around the same time little Vanya was killed.  These men are murderers in action.

Palestinian child killed while playing on beach last year
...Israel has just exonerated itself of the crime

The NAZI's have declared open season on children and nobody is speaking up against it in the West. Here'is "Tex" (an American who is fighting for Novorossiya)  reporting on yet another murder of a child. This time, a five year old boy "Vanya", who was playing in a sand hill across the street from his home in a quiet Donetsk neighbourhood. Suddenly, some rockets were fired from the Ukraine military (signatories of the Minsk 2 Agreement--which committed them NOT to fire).  The little boy tried to run across the street to his home but was hit in the middle of the street by shrapnel from a "Grad" rocket.  His blood is now dripping from the hands of the chocolate puppet king, Petro Poroshenko (and by association, his western supporter, Canadian PM Stephen Harper).

But the NAZI's, and including the ZioNAZI's, have a long history of being child killers.  Just this past week, they absolved themselves of the murder of four little boys playing on a beach (see photo above).  They particularly like to target children while they are playing...why is that?  Some psychologists should do a study of it....

Israeli snipers shoot at children from Palestine rooftop

Above is the classic video of Israeli soldiers cowardly sniping at children who are playing on a rooftop in Palestine.  They're quite obviously getting "off" on it (as we used to say in the '60's).  The above video is prima facie evidence of a war crime...which is why it keeps getting disabled when I post it.  We'll see how long it stays up.  I would say, in summary, that all these child murders are, themselves, prima facie evidence that the NAZI's in Ukraine and Israel are not humans.

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