Sunday, June 7, 2015

Speaking of Corruption...Who's investigating THIS?!

Google Censoring Independent Media

The US is suddenly investigating corruption in FIFA.  But, who's investigating the recent crack-down on independent media like We Are Change ---by cutting off the pittances they used to receive in ad revenues?  Who's trying to curtail THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA'S constitutionally "protected" rights to free speech???  I have mentioned my concerns in the past, about some of the "google math" used in calculating blog statistics on Google's just doesn't add up.

More importantly....why is the US FBI not investigating the $500 million in donations to the US Red Cross, that have gone missing? These funds were meant to rebuild housing destroyed by the Haiti earthquake.

"...Some $140,000 was spent on housing, food, and R&R for a foreign project manager, who also enjoyed four paid leaves a year. That comes to more than $100,000 more than would have been spent on a local equivalent.
“A lot of money was spent on those people who were not Haitian, who had nothing to do with Haiti. The money was just going back to the United States,” one Haitian who coordinated expat housing for the Red Cross confessed.
At the same time, Red Cross officials focused more on programs which would generate good publicity than those providing the most homes, according to testimony from Lee Malany, the project manager of the shelter program.
He recalled a Washington meeting where top officials had no idea what to do with the millions they’d been given for housing projects.
The organization would not provide details on how it spent the almost $500 million that it received, nor give specific details of how its projects were carried out. However, various promotional statements estimated that the initiative had repaired some 4,000 homes, erected temporary shelters for thousands of families, and donated $44 million for food aid and hospital construction.
“The Red Cross’s public reports offer only broad categories about where $488 million in donations has gone,” according to the authors of the report.. "

And...finally, while all the G7 big wigs are meeting in a former Hitler castle in a prestigious five star hotel.... to continue their war mongering machinations...who is investigating the war crimes going on in Ukraine?

Yes, when it comes to moral fashion trends of the global elite.....'selective umbrage" (aka the FIFA 'investigation') is the new black.

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