Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sepp Blatter boycotting Women's World Cup Finale In Vancouver...no one to hand Cup to Winner

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has Cancelled Plans
to be in Vancouver for Closing Ceremonies of Women's Soccer Championship

FIFA President Sepp Blatter has changed his travel plans and will not be coming to Vancouver after all.  He was supposed to come here to hand the FIFA Women's Cup to the winner of the Women's Soccer Championship which is wrapping up this week.  FIFA's No. 2 man will also not be present.  Will Harper have to hand the cup to the winner?

What does this say about Canada's holding of the FIFA Women's games?  Well...I can read the geopolitical/sports tea leaves as well as anyone.  Blatter isn't going to come to Canada and put up with the same insults and lack of respect that Harper saves for Putin and Russia.  Sepp Blatter is a world player if ever there was one.  He networks with elite movers and shakers from all over the world.  In particular, he is friends with Putin and supports Russia for the 2018 games. The West is desperate to take it away from Russia.  Ergo, Harper could use the occasion of the closing ceremonies to grandstand on behalf of the West's agenda.  He might not even "want to shake Blatter's hand' or some equally juvenile outburst.

Isolation and insults work both ways...what goes around comes around.  The lack of formal FIFA representation at the end of the Canada FIFA Women's Championship--and no FIFA representative to hand out the cup makes Canada (in the dying day of the Harper regime) look like what it is...a small time player with a small view of the world. Canada will not be getting the Men's Football Championship anytime soon...with this blotch on our escutcheon. (Bonus, I get a chance to use one of my favourite cliches..."Blotch on Escutcheon"....only in Canada they say).

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