Thursday, June 4, 2015

Poroshenko for the Peace Prize

The Once Illustrious Nobel Prize

Putin has often mused how everything his "colleagues" and "partners" in the US touches--turns into ratshit (a loose translation :) . The US is a kind of reverse King Midas. A prime example of this strange alchemy is the erstwhile Nobel Peace Prize. The US has wormed its way into the bowels of the prize's bureacracy--and corrupted it into nothing more than a public slap in the face. That's what the prize has become...just a cabalistic slap in the face to humanity.

Nothing illustrates this contention more clearly than the recent revelations of the behind the scenes/under the table machinations of the US to have the prize awarded to the chocolate puppet Kievian Junta leader Petro Poroshenko. If Poroshenko receives the prize next year, it will likely be the final coup de grâce for the already severely compromised award.  Kissinger, Obama and Poroshenko? It's a reverse (Anti-Peace Prize?) image of who should receive the prize.

Today, we read in the news how the US--through Poroshenko--is breaching the terms of the Minsk 2 Agreement, and instigating more violence in eastern Ukraine. The Kievian Junta military is shelling civilian parts of the eastern cities....the homes of families and the markets where they buy their food.  This is why Poroshenko is going to get the Nobel Prize? Apparently it is all being done in a run up to some high level meetings in Europe, i.e., the G7 Summit to be held in Germany--so the US can justify getting its vassal state underlings to maintain--and even increase sanctions against Russia. They are hoping the Novorossiyans will retaliate, so they can continue their false claims that Russia is involved.  With any luck...the cabalists might even achieve their priority goal--to get the European vassal states to boycott the FIFA games to be held in Russia in 2018.  

When we look around western culture today, all we see is a wasteland of former cultural icons and standards.....The "Peace Prize"? Destroyed. FIFA? Destroyed. Canada's RCMP, formerly a symbol of sovereign pride? Destroyed. (Remember when Disney got the contract to "market" the RCMP? That was only the opening volley in the globalist war against Canadian cultural sovereignty). What do we have shoved down our throats in their place? Caitlyn Jenner and the Kardashians. The Demonic Cabal will not stop until they have humanity... separated from any cultural or moral tethers...twisting in the wind.

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