Sunday, June 28, 2015

Paul Craig Roberts makes ominous prediction about Greek government

UPDATE:  June 29, 2015 a day and a half before deadline for default of the EU offer...a crowd masses in the main square of Athens.  RT is calling this crowd a "No" crowd and is live-streaming broadcast of it. Tsipras has said that if Greeks vote "Yes"...then he and his government will "have to accept it, but we will not be the ones to carry it out."

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras looking and sounding positively "Kennedyesque" as he addresses the Greek nation in his Sunday night address. 

"The more calmly we deal with difficulties, the sooner we can overcome them and the milder their consequences will be," Tsipras told the Greeks.
The European Central Bank decided on Sunday not to increase Emergency Liquidity Assistance to the Greek banks, adding that the decision may be reviewed at a later date.
“The Governing Council decided to maintain the ceiling to the provision of emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) to Greek banks at the level decided on Friday,” the ECB said in a statement.
Meanwhile, a number of EU countries are urging their citizens to bring cash to Greece rather than to rely on ATM withdrawals.
 From an RT Report

I have to say, there are very few Americans (if any) I think more of than Doctor of Economics, former Reagan government official and one of the leaders of the Truth Community...Blogger Paul Craig Roberts.  I subscribe to his blog, receive e-mail notices of every one of his posts which I read assiduously.  Well, folks...I was positively shocked when I read one of his latests posts published just within the last 48 hours,

Roberts has been keeping the truth community up-to-date in the moment by moment (manufactured) twists and turns of the crisis that has been imposed on Greece by the "Troika" The EU, IMF and World Bank.  As far as I can understand it...the Troika was doing their standard run of the mill "economic hit" (see John Perkins' classic "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" for details) on Greece...when things started to go sideways.  First, the Greeks elected a new government that wasn't willing to roll over and put all four paws up into the air.  Secondly, Russia (Putin) came running to the rescue and presented the Greek people with another alternative...joining BRICS and getting funding that wouldn't force them to sell their priceless heritage and culture (not to mention natural resources) at firesale prices to the Troika looters and banksters.

In the post linked to above, Roberts suggests the reason the Greek government hasn't just automatically taken the Russian option is because it is quite likely that the "government would be assassinated" if they did so.  This is a shocking statement and certainly highlights the crisis nature of the situation. Paul Craig Roberts has called this slow developing crisis (which he fears could trigger WWIII) correctly, ever since it began last February. According to the latest report in RT, the Greek government has called for a national referendum on the various options for next Sunday.  In the meantime, all the banks in Greece have been limited in their ability to make payments within the country (around $60 per day per customer) and are unable to make payments internationally.  Yes, the world is sitting on tenterhooks...pending the outcome of this latest in a never-ending cycle of manufactured crises by the international, globalist, warmongering, bankster cabal.

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