Saturday, June 27, 2015

Down the Rabbit Hole with Dr. Mary's Monkey

Down the Rabbit Hole

Well, folks, welcome to another scorcher weekend on the formerly Wet Coast of North America.  Do I believe in global WARming?  Well, not really.  But I do believe the PTB are majorly F#cking around with the earth's weather.  To change the subject, yesterday was yet another freaky Friday.  As I always say...timing is everything with False Flags.  Does Russia have any financial or other interests in Tunisia?  Just askin'.

The other night I stayed up way past my bedtime...around 3 a.m. watching the video below.  I went deep down the Rabbit Hole with Dr. Mary's Monkey.  This is a "must see" video about a couple of topics but mainly the issue of Polio vaccine containing cancer-causing virus. Earlier last week, Penny for your thoughts posted a link to an interview between Truth Blogger Dave McGowan and Meria Heller, where they were discussing whether his recent bout with a very virulent and fast-acting form of cancer could have been a bioweapon used against him and, by extension, the truth community. Meria mentioned she had read the book "Dr. Mary's Monkey".  This book is about a black ops project in the 60's to devise a cancer-causing vaccine.  It also discusses the secret 'accidental' mass contamination of millions of polio shots back in the 1950's with a cancer-causing virus.

Video Interview with Ed Haslem, Author of Dr. Mary's Monkey

So, off I went on a mission to find out about the book Dr. Mary's Monkey...which I suppose everyone else has read, except yours truly.  Ironically, I've always suspected that Jacqueline Kennedy's cancer...the same type of fast-acting virulent form of cancer, was actually a bioweapon used on her to dispatch her, prior to killing her son JFK jr. and perpetrating 9/11 which took place in her home town New Yawk. Because, dontcha know, they didn't want to put such a well-loved, benighted icon through even more terrible tragedies.

Anyhoooooo....once I started watching the above video I couldn't stop.  It's fascinating in the extreme.  It brought back memories of me, as a very young student, lining up for my polio shot at school way back in the fifties.  Then of course...exactly 30 years later (as was predicted by the whistleblowers) I had a battle with cancer...which I fortunately, have won so far...but my sister is currently fighting a much more deadly battle.  Like I always say...if you live long enough...nearly all of life's mysteries will be solved for you.  It's been an interesting journey. 


Penny said...

Hey GC
thanks for the link to
There is an excellent book on the contaminated polio vaccine
If you lived closer I would lend you my hard cover copy ;)
Which I picked up for like 9$

However, here is a link back to when I was reading the book and an extensive article I had linked to in order to talk about the book

If you can find that book (Virus & Vaccine) and read it it will make you ill-
How many of us were poisoned with that vaccine and you wonder why there is an epidemic of cancer? wonder no more


and speaking of weather her in Ontario- it's dam cold for summer- it's like fall and we are under a heavy rain warning- it's about 61 F or 15 C
It's been a colder then usual summer so far, yet again.
The last warm summer we had here was in 2010

Penny said...

I'm sorry to read about your sister too :(
I knew about your battle, but, geez!

greencrow said...

Thanks for your comments and thoughts, Penny. Yes, cancer is a crazy, insane disease. If you beat it, you're almost grateful for the experience...because it totally changes your outlook on life and your priorities. My sister is an absolute hero to me. She has faced it with the courage of a hundred warriors.

Unknown said...

Dr Mary's Monkey is a joke,laughable. None of the accused are alive to defend themselves.