Monday, June 8, 2015

CawRANT Events #7

CawRANT Events #7

It's going to be another scoarcher on the west coast. I need to get outside and water my garden before the midday heat sets in.  But before that....I need to RANT! There are so many rantacious topics on my list and, without further ado, here goes:

First of all...the elite are working inexorably towards the next level of globalization, aka human slavery...called the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) there is also another Agreement...supposedly even worse,  called TTIP which attacks national sovereignty in the areas of cultural programs and services. According to that hero, Wikileaks Julian Assange, only 5 out of the 29 chapters of the TPP are about traditional trade...the rest regulate economies and create monopolies:
Assange says that, because the TPP agreement is a treaty, it will be very difficult to change any part of it, because all of the fourteen participating countries must agree to those changes. He says that only multinational corporations will benefit from suing governments, because domestic companies will not have standing to do so.

As I've said in previous posts, corporations have already been given all the legal rights of they are being given more rights than individuals. But corporations can't be punished by going to jail like humans can. They can only be "slapped on the wrist" and fined for wrongdoing....which is nothing, because their bankster owners can print money. So corporations are becoming monsters and are out to destroy humanity...after they parasite all the human and planetary resources. We need an opposition to this madness---but all the politicians are bought, paid for and in cahoots.

End of Medicare?

Here's a story about how the big medical insurance corporations of the US are eating away at the Canadian Universal Health Care program. First, the government doesn't keep up with demand for medical services...then it allows American-style (and mostly owned) 'clinics" to set up in major population centres. Then, it gives them the business (and Canadian tax dollars) to "clear waitlists" of people wait for surgeries. This is a slow but steady erosion of Universal Health Care. The US will not be satisfied until Canadians are deprived of their Universal Health Care and are subjected to the same "for profit" system that is dragging the US down to its knees.

US psychopaths cannot stop playing with anthrax

Speaking of medical issues. The US Department of Defense shipped live anthrax samples to labs in the US and apparently three labs in Canada. The M$M reports never specify where these Canadian labs are located...but I think one was in Winnipeg. Is there any clearer indication that the US military/industrial complex is a diabolical anti-human monstrosity than this? Again, as described about the TPP above...the US Department of Defense is legally just like a "corporation". When something criminal like this individual gets called on the carpet, sent to jail or even disciplined. Yet, if an "ordinary Joe" did it, he would be sent away for life. The lack of assigning criminal blame for this criminal act leads me to believe it was a form of deliberate terrorism by the US Department of Defense. Humanity has to take back power from criminal corporations and "government".

And they say there's no racism in America

When the incident re Freddie Gray occurred in Baltimore last month...some bloggers were saying that there's no racism in the US...that bad things happen to whites too. Yes, bad things happen to whites but take a look at this video and ask yourself whether blacks aren't subjected to an insidious and unique kind of harassment...just for sitting in their car at night eating oatmeal.

Police overreaction has become epidemic. I believe it is rooted in the way the officers are selected and then trained.  They are selecting individuals with a penchant for violence and then training them along the Israeli/Gaza police containment strategies. Israel goes all over the world setting up and controlling security systems (including controlling Airport Security and telephone technological and surveillance corporations). It also provides police training programs to forces all over the western world.

Here's an incident where some police officers responded to a crisis where two men in a car were stranded by a sudden flooding of the highway.  It is still unclear how the situation escalated...but it ended up with the police shooting and killing one of the flood victims. It certainly would make you think twice before calling the cops to help in an emergency.  In the past 5 months at least 400 people were shot dead by police in the US.

Finally, I will return to the international arena. I've been following what's been going on re the Greece bail out by the EU...and the ensuing debate whether Greece will stay in the EU or Break free from financial bailout addiction to join Russia in BRICS. Greece voted against more sanctions against Russia. The Greek leader will be meeting with Putin in the next week or so and there should be a decision soon thereafter. The EU has picked the bones of Greece dry. It is a quintessential example of what John Perkins called an "economic hit"Who does Greece owe? What the big banksters and corporatists want is imposition of the troika on Greece (EU, WTO and IMF) ownership of Greece's offshore energy rights, its tourism, to plunder it's priceless culture. More than that...the globalist cabal want to surround Russia with antagonistic countries that will refuse to join in pipeline ventures with Russia to transport Russia's gas to European markets.

" propaganda needs a new bad guy to play the Joker to America’s Batman..."

I note the BBC was rubbing its slimy hands in glee yesterday at the results of the election in Turkey....which deprived the leader Erdogan of a majority. Erdogan has agreed to allow Russian pipelines in Turkey. The west is in an absolute frenzy to surround, isolate and demonize Russia. Why? Because they need to control humanity entirely with absolutely no opposition. That's their crazed obsession. I do believe we're getting down to the short strokes in this stand-off between the West and Putin.  There are dangerous weeks ahead.  Sometimes you need to cauterize the infection, and it can be dangerous and painful.  This is what I hope will happen with the current geopolitical crisis. I can hope.... and I can live my own life as best I can. So, out to water the garden!

Until the next Rant.....

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