Thursday, June 25, 2015

Canadian Terror Patsies Trial Update: CSIS "behind the scenes' involvement delaying justice?

Statue of Justice outside Vancouver Courthouse

The latin phrase Res Ipsa Loquiturmeaning "the thing speaks for itself", is used when there's no need to make a legal argument because the facts are self evident.  Here's the latest report in the Vancouver Sun about the Canadian Terror Patsies Trial...which is being delayed again, due to complications in getting information from the Canadian Security and Intelligence Services. The lawyers for the Defense need to know what CSIS's involvement was, if any, in initially identifying and targeting the mentally vulnerable, impoverished former addicts by the RCMP in a "sting operation".

Res Ipsa Loquitur applies here...the quote below makes it self-evident that CSIS is nothing more than a foreign mole that has burrowed itself deep into the security, law enforcement, governmental and military institutions of Canada for the sole purpose of compromising those institutions--and the very existence of Canada as a sovereign nation.

The quote virtually blew my socks off and should be the basis of a Parliamentary "Royal Commission". This was something we used to have way back in the good old days, when Parliament had the power to hold hearings, investigate allegations and come up with policies to rectify wrongs. Those days are long gone.

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service had “human resources” operating in Metro Vancouver mosques between 2011 and 2013 who may have acted as Jihadi agents provocateur, the Surrey couple found guilty of terrorism are suggesting.
John Nuttall was so concerned after meeting one or more of these people while attending a local mosque that he met with the spy agency to turn them in. 
In a bizarre turn to an already strange trial, the court heard that in late 2011 or early 2012 Nuttall had his landlord set up a meeting with CSIS in which he offered to inform on the Islamic extremists.
As a result of the meeting, defence lawyers implied that Nuttall became a target while the extremists he identified may have been or became “human resources” for the agency.

Now they are demanding to know what information was exchanged between CSIS and the RCMP.
Frustrated prosecutor Peter Eccles, who characterized the application as a fishing expedition, warned that the spy agency had already indicated its reluctance to comply with further disclosure.
“We are dealing with national security, clearances at the secret and top secret level,” he maintained.
The RCMP provided regular reports to CSIS so the two operations did not get in the way of each other, but the spies did not reciprocate, Eccles said.
Some 240 RCMP officers were involved in the sophisticated investigation into the impoverished, addicted couple living in a basement suite.
Nuttall and Korody were seen and heard on audio and video recordings planning the legislature attack with the help of undercover Mounties and planting dummy explosives in Victoria.
The trial did not hear why the Mounties decided to focus on the lonely duo with mental health issues.

I predict this second phase of the trial will go nowhere. CSIS will stonewall and never provide the requested information. The patsies will forever languish in legal limbo. Justice for the hapless two will wither and die on the vine. A conviction verdict will never be entered at the courthouse registry. (But the main$tream media will act as though the accused were found guilty and the verdict entered). Canadian taxpayers will be stuck with the multi-million dollar co$t of the surveillance of 240 RCMP officers, at a time when there are gang wars in the lower mainland claiming the lives of young men nearly every week.  Stay tuned...

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