Saturday, June 6, 2015

Canadian PM keeps barking at Putin's Heels like an enraged Chihuahua

Harper landing in Kiev today for meeting with Poroshenko

Stephen Harper keeps embarrassing ordinary Canadians with his well publicized and gratuitous snipping remarks about Russia's Vladimir Putin*.  Take a look at the CBC website and any report about Harper to see more about these rantings recently.  Go to the Comments Section at the bottom and check out the "most liked" comments.  Invariably, the top ten comments made by ordinary Canadians are rabidly anti-Harper and are highly critical of his ridiculously unprofessional remarks. The other day he said that NO WAY would he (Harper) ever support Putin coming back to the G7. Well, Putin never belonged to the G7 in the first place. He was part of the G8. But why would Harper make such baiting and low life public statement when speaking on behalf of Canadians? It is disconcerting to say the least to have a "troll" as a prime minister.  Does Harper really want us to be unpopular laughing stocks around the world? Of course, we all know everything he says is geared towards his international pro Israel ziofriends and gonnections.

I frequently post comments on the CBC forum comments section about this annoying habit of Harpers....most of the time they're deleted as being too inflammatory.  This one got through for some strange reason : ).

"Every time Harper makes a public anti-Putin comment...someone makes a large deposit in a numbered Swiss Bank Account."

Guess the humour was a bit too obscure for the CBC

*Re Vladimir Putin.  Read the recent interview with him by the Italian media....and stand in awe of his command of European and global geostrategic issues.  He runs intellectual circles around Stephen Harper.

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