Thursday, June 25, 2015

Canadian Election Update - Trudeau gets it all @$$ backwards-and dives in the polls

UPDATE:  June 25. 2015 I have added an excellent video rendition of Eagles "The Last Resort" (from their classic "Hotel California" album) to my post on the California Drought below.  It was always my intention to put this song in the post as it encapsulates exactly what happened with California. Enjoy!

Canadian NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau studiously ignoring  one another

Canadians will always wonder about this uniquely Canadian mystery..."What did Pierre see in Maggie?"  Pierre being Pierre Trudeau, one of the most outstanding Canadian Prime Ministers in history and Maggie being the little 20-something twit he married (when he was in his 50's) who had three boys in quick succession, smoked marijuana and ran off with the Rolling Stones (and later wrote a couple of "tell all books" about her boy friends, mental health issues and nervous breakdowns, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah).

Canadians had mercifully put the whole nightmare behind us for a couple of decades...but now "the question" has risen like a spectre from the past...haunting us anew.  That's because Pierre and Maggie's oldest son, Justin Trudeau, entered federal politics a few years ago, won the Liberal Party leadership and is now facing a fall election.  The first test of his political smarts.

Well, I have to tell you's not looking good for Justin.  According to the latest poll numbers another party, the New Democratic Party, leads all other parties in new Federal poll. The NDP has traditionally ran third in's a left wing socialist party, the darling of organized labour and bête noire of the right wing capitalist Conservatives.  It's a testament to how fed up Canadians are with the traditional ruling parties, Conservative and Liberals, that the NDP is running first....particularly with its milquetoast leader, Tom Mulcair, in charge.  

What finally pushed Canadians over the edge was the draconian "Patriot Act"-cloned security legislation C-51.  This Act recently passed Parliament and is now law.  It was drafted by Stephen Harper's Conservative ruling party as a grovelling "@$$ kiss" to the US and supported through the house by Justin Trudeau's Liberal party.  The NDP proposed changes and, when they weren't accepted, voted against the legislation.  Ergo...the NDP are now at the top of the polls...and heading towards a rout on election day on October 19, 2015.

My analysis is that Harper dreamed up C-51 amongst many other a poison pill for Justin...who appeared at the time to be a wunderkind who was leading in the polls.  Harper knew that Justin would have to support the legislation...because the Liberals have long been, like the conservatives, bought and owned by the cabal--lock, stock and barrel.  So Justin swallowed the C-51 poison pill and is now political road kill.  The Liberals did a swan dive, from leading the race, to bottom third place. 

While I'm personally convinced that C-51 was a fatal poison pill...some may believe Justin could have survived and eventually recover from it.  Unfortunately, Justin has very recently proved unequivocally that he is a complete and utter political nincompoop (one reason I love posting about Canadian politics is it gives me a unparalleled opportunity to drag out all my old pejorative appellations--like nincompoop, omahdon, nimrod and popinjay).  Justin has totally misread the message Canadians were desperately trying to send him. He recently gave an interview where he accuses Harper of having a "hyper-partisan approach that has hurt Canada/US relations".  This is an absolute 180 degree misread of the situation.  Canadians are NOT worried about not being closer to the US. It finally proves Justin takes after the distaff side of his genetic legacy.  No doubt, were he to have been elected Prime Minister...Canadians would have found him one day sitting high up in a tree--smoking marijuana. (Maggie actually did that I recall ; ) Not incidentally, Stephen Harper has also taken a dive in the polls and is now running more questions arise about who is actually running Canada.

So, in conclusion, Canadians are now hoping that, after the fall election, NDP leader Tom Mulcair will navigate a new direction for Canada and, in particular--rescind C-51.  Canadians are crossing their fingers and toes that Mulcair will also rescue them from the embarrassing/humiliating decades long embrace of the international, globalist, NATO warmongering, bankster, ziofascist alien cabal that Harper has snuggled up to.  Stay tuned....

Next installment:  Harper hires Carl Rove to design poison pill for Tom Mulcair.

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