Saturday, June 20, 2015

Canada is a non-entity Vassal State of the US - Putin

Stephen Harper as a Roman Slave

Finally, Putin has had a chance to respond to Canadian Prime Minister's pronouncement a week or so ago that Russia would never be allowed back into the G8 so long as Putin was the leader. He took the time during the very successful St. Petersburg Economic Conference (with about 6,000 business leaders from around the world attending). During a late night session with the international media, Putin was asked by some Canadian journalists about Harper's diktat. This is what Putin said:
Commenting on the recent G7 summit in Bavaria and the statement by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper that Russia was not welcome in the group, Putin implied that Harper would act as instructed by Washington on this issue.
"I don't want to offend anyone, but if the United States says Russia should be returned to the G8, [Canada's] prime minister will change his opinion," Putin told The Canadian Press.

Ya gotta love that Putin...he still doesn't want to "offend anyone". Putin is giving not only Harper.. but all the leaders of the EU and the west a good boot in the arse for being abject toadies of the Evil Deep State that has attached itself like a cancerous tumour to the US. What would the world be like if all the nations simply began to act like independent nation/states again? The hot air would go out of the war balloon in an instant.

Russia has also again accused the West of trying to "blackmail" Russia (with the imposition of sanctions) regarding the Crimea and Ukraine. Blackmail, as I have said in other the chief tool and strategy used by the globalist cabal against vassal states. One only wonders what the details of the blackmail are--that force PM Harper to make such ludicrous public statements. Canada has forfeited all the "soft power" it banked during the halcyon years of Lester B. Pearson, Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chretien. I know, I know, these leaders all had to toady to the US as well...but they never had to "spread em".

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