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UPDATED: California drought and other extreme weather events geoengineered?

UPDATE:  June 25, 2015 Heavy flash flooding has killed one man and damaged Olympic sites of Russian resort city of Sochi. "...A state of emergency has been declared in the Black Sea city, and rescue teams from other parts of the county have been called up to deal with the natural disaster, Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations said. Reports say that an equivalent of two months of rain was dumped on the city in just 14 hours." Right.

UPDATE:  June 25. 2015 I have added an excellent video rendition of Eagles "The Last Resort" to this post.  It was always my intention to put this song in the post as it encapsulates exactly what happened with California.  Enjoy!

Aftermath of Mexican Tornado--Worst in 100 Years

I've had this post on the launching pad for some weeks now...and it's time to blast off. I want to update my reader(s) about some happenings in geoengineering and the weather.  There have been a lot of extreme weather events in recent months. Record droughts in California...record heat waves in India and Pakistan...record floods in Mexico (see above photo) and Texas...and in Siberian Russia. Note that these areas, like California, Texas and Russia...are all packed chockablock with folks the right wing globalist cabal don't necessarily like. There was even a sudden change in atmosphere that almost brought a Singapore Jet down. This brings me around to a recent headline I saw:

BINGO! I said to myself when I read the above link....I have believed for many years that "scientists" have the ability to affect weather in drastic ways. So much so, that any extreme event should be analysed to see whether it was part of what I call the..."weather wars". I believe the US, China and Russia all have the ability to cause extreme changes to our natural weather patterns (not to mention earthquakes). Here's a report that the CIA is funding research into "weather weapons".  Here's another link on the same topic. And yet another.

I have one of my patented "reverse social engineering" theories about the current longstanding drought in California. I believe (paranoid? : ) the cabal is trying to engineer California's weather...artificially create a drought. More specifically, the Yanks are trying to get Californians to migrate up north to Canada to take over. Here's a disturbing report that supports my contention.

Let's be frank. California is and always has been a desert. The only reason it became a veritable oasis, not to mention a commercial agricultural giant...is because of massive and unsustainable diversions of the the Sacramento River and the San Joaquin River [I have corrected my earlier error (Columbia River) pointed out by jo6pac in the comments below] and other waters. Now those sources are inevitably drying up (and all those swimming pools aren't helping!) It would serve the globalist cabal's North American Union wet dream--to have many migrants move north, so the takeover would be a soft non-violent one--by stealth. But they'd better hurry up...because the Chinese are buying up ALL the property on the British Columbia lower mainland with laundered cash (but that's another post :)

Returning to my topic of engineered weather...we have the related issue of chemtrails.  It's absolutely amazing that those jets can spew toxic chemicals in our skies day after day after day--without so much as a peep from the ignorant masses.  In frustration, I'm starting to believe (hope?) that there's SOME benefit to the spraying.  Could they be killing the northern pine beetle (as an example)?  Or, are they driving oceanic pests on to the beaches to die...thus cleaning up the oceans????  Maybe they're seeding the oceans with fish nutrients and/or some threatened species like baby krill?  We can always hope....

But, why don't they just get down and dirty and clean up the Texas-sized morass of plastic out there. I've said it before and I'll say it again.  Humanity should not allow the oil companies to build one more foot of pipeline until that mess is cleaned up!  After all, plastic is a product of the petroleum industry and it's their responsibility to clean up the plastic debris that's burying this planet.  And that goes for the Rooskies!!!

But, again, I digress. Back to geoengineering. The alternate media will soon be coming out with some very interesting and informative documentaries on the topic. I'm looking forward to viewing these videos.  Recently, I watched a video that showed some airline pilots and biologists testifying about chemtrails. The consensus is that chemtrails are:  a combination of getting rid of industrial waste (like coal dust); and salting the atmosphere with aluminum for some ungodly reason (better conductivity for electronics?)  Biologists are now warning of unsustainable levels of toxic aluminum in our soil.

In summary...the real climate threat is not "Global WARming" as the fraudsters claim...but geoengineering tampering with nature. BTW, my theory about the so-called "carbon tax" they talk about to "fight global WARming"...is actually a protection/shakedown racket...of nations for the following purposes:

a)  Blackmailing and inciting fear in nations via under-the-table threats--to cause "extreme weather" events--if the nation doesn't kowtow to NATO (note that Canada's grovelling Prime Minister Harper has ensured that Canada has had absolutely balmy weather of late : /)

b)  Budgetary. A way of trying to make the geo-engineering "pay for itself"...after all...you can't expect the CIA to devote its entire black ops budget (from drug smuggling, etc.) to geo-engineering on an indefinite basis, can you?  These guys have deep pockets...but they do have other operations, such as Jade Helm, ISIS and Ukraine...to spend their money on. Get Real!

So...in conclusion...now that countries can control weather with lasers, as I said at the outset....no future extreme weather event can occur without due consideration (by those humans capable of rational reflection) as to whether the cause is natural (increasingly rare) or humanoid...I use the word humanoid deliberately...because I don't think the perps of weaponized warfare are humans...they're demons.

"The Last Resort" The Eagles


jo6pac said...

"Let's be frank. California is and always has been a desert. The only reason it became a veritable oasis, not to mention a commercial agricultural giant...is because of massive and unsustainable diversions of the Columbia River and other waters"

Calif receives no water from the Columbian basin. The central Valley is feed from the Sacramento River and the San Joaquin River. In the of valley part I live in near Tracy Calif. the San Joaquin was only crossable by barge. Durham Ferry Barge was near Tracy. The next closest crossing was Fresno, Calif. This is during the winter and summer the far south crossing was Los Banos, Calif. The land below Merced Calif was pretty much desert with dry farming. We all know southern Calif was just that desert. If Pat Brown hadn't built the canals then the lower valley would still be desert except the Tulare Basin which until lately had one of the largest under ground lakes Then sadly huge planting of almond trees and the state illegally give the owners all the water the lake is now dry.

Then 15 million people have move here since the 70s and with greed being the bottom line developments was in a run away mode. Sad I grew up in Niles, Calif. and at that time the bay area still grew a lot food and orchards.

I do agree with everything you wrote about other than the above;)

greencrow said...

Thanks for your correction jo6pac...that was from memory and it's wrong. I did hedge my bets by putting in "other waters". The Columbian River WAS/IS highly dammed, diverted and decimated, however. I will correct my post accordingly.

jo6pac said...

I did hedge my bets by putting in "other waters".

Yes I saw the disclaimer;) If Calli could steal water from somewhere they would instead solving your own problems.

jo6pac said...

I left this over at Ives Smith site a little while ago. We had the weak one this spring and hopefully we get the one the brings house races in LA and flooding everywhere else but fills up lakes and dams.


June 24, 2015 at 3:17 pm

“NOAA Quietly Rescinds Faux El Nino” is a bit behind in it’s reporting. In April, NOAA announced the arrival of a weak El Nino. However, currently the consensus of forecasters is for the development of a strong El Nino with an 85% chance of lasting through the 2015-2016 winter.

“Nearly all models predict El Niño to continue throughout 2015, with many predicting SST anomalies to increase into the late fall 2015 (Fig. 6). For the fall and early winter, the consensus of forecasters slightly favors a strong event (3-month values of the Niño-3.4 index +1.5oC or greater), relative to a weaker event. However, this prediction may vary in the months ahead as strength forecasts are the most challenging aspect of ENSO prediction. A moderate, weak, or even no El Niño remains possible, though at increasingly lesser odds. There is a greater than 90% chance that El Niño will continue through Northern Hemisphere fall 2015, and around an 85% chance it will last through the 2015-16 winter (click CPC/IRI consensus forecast for the chance of each outcome for each 3-month period).”


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June 24, 2015 at 3:42 pm

I’ve been watching this also and if it happens then great. I know last time this came rolling through all the lakes were going to takes years to fill back up. It rained and snowed so hard it was a done deal in 1yr. The problem is govt./people in Calli have such short memories they just go on their happy way and never addressing the real problem of just flat out waste of water in the state. As a native I can’t tell how many times I’ve seen this and we really need to think this weather changing thingy out. To much to hope for I’m sure.

greencrow said...

Hi jo6pac:

Funny how we never heard about El Niño until they started tinkering around with the weather a few decades ago. It might have been a local expression somewhere....but I never heard of it. Then it turns out it means "Christ child". The PTB never miss an opportunity to infuse some manipulation with one of their bugaboos. "Spanish Flu" "the Spanish Disease" "Swine Flu"....I'm sure we'll all be hearing about the Russian flu...shortly.


jo6pac said...

Growing up in the Bay Area 1950s to early 70s we had floods but no droughts. The mid 80s I lived out in the delta for the first drought but it only lasted 2yrs and Calli had 15 million less people. There was no farming along I-5 from just south of Tracy, Calif. to the Grapevine. Then came the second canal and it all changed and not for the better.

This is all I could find and yes I watched the news when young and never heard of these terms. There was a lot of cloud seeding done during those times at lest that is what they said they were doing.

Haarp is a few yrs later but I do believe it's been used for some sinister programs the happy trails in the sky that are not normal flight patterns

A friend of mine has done some home work on this.
I think when the plane is found he'll be right about location. The plane will be found in water 700ft or less like it landed there. Intact

Thanks for the story, that's it from me