Friday, June 5, 2015

BUMPED TO THE TOP: Updated video where "Texas" visits war victims in the hospital

Watch the video at this link (I am unable to upload onto my blog) to see an update--A hospital visit made by "Texas" (American fighting for the Donetsk army).  He visits the family that were wounded in the bombing below.  They are in hospital recovering from serious injuries.

Reporter/soldier "Texas" in Eastern Ukraine shows destruction of US supported NAZIS

Reporter shows the destruction done to one home in eastern Ukraine where a young family lived. The father was killed in the early morning targeted bombing.  Wife was severely injured, losing an arm. Daughter killed, Son injured...two week old baby with mother in hospital. Home destroyed.  Reporter accuses the United States government of the murder executed by its NAZI proxy army in Ukraine.

Then the reporter asks What are You going to Do about It? I'm not going to "take to the streets" like the reporter suggests. As I have frequently said, street protests just play into the hands of the Soros crowd. They use them to surveil, provoke violence, and further their diabolical agenda. I'm going to accuse Victoria ("F the EU") Nuland directly of the murder.  She's a murderess, unleashed on the civilians of the Donbass. This video is prima facie evidence that she is a murderer. Nuland should be arrested and tried by the authorities in the US...if they were not all being blackmailed (see my earlier post).

The moral world has had it with these demons!  Get off the planet!

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