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UPDATE:  June 17, 2015 I have added a new link to the bottom of my special page "Solving 9/11 Links and Documentaries (link above).  This one is a documentary report on how the BBC has been actively obstructing justice by covering up the truth about 9/11. 

Greencrow Selfie with Obama

US Secretary of State John Kerry has recovered from his bicycle accident and is back making public statements.  In his first foray back into the public arena it almost appears like he had some "re-education" during his convalescence. Kerry has regressed to repeating the same old "Get rid of Syria's democratically-elected leader Bashir Assad" mantra that the world thought had been put to rest last in "Assad is using chemical weapons on his own people."

The Obama/Netanyahu regime will never give up on their Syrian Wet Dream and Kerry is the water carrier.  He went to see Putin in Sochi less than a month ago, cap in hand. Just as an aside, rumor has it, Vladimir Putin sleeps with a pillow under his gun. The scuttlebutt at the time about Kerry's sudden visit to Sochi was that Kerry wanted to trade Syria for Ukraine.  But Putin knows his history...he does not want to exchange some glass beads for a worthless commitment...later to be the indigenous peoples of North America did time, after time, after time.

So, when Russia refused to abandon their military base in Syria (which is what this is all about) the US had to go back to square one. Kerry has started to threaten "regime change' in Syria all over again. The grand chessboard is getting slippery with the blood of innocent pawns.  Look at what's going on in the other theatre of Ziofascism/nazism--Ukraine.  People are being killed in their beds and grandmothers are marching in the streets.

"Texas" reporting from the Donbass
Texas has renewed my faith in ordinary Americans

Somehow, I don't think the Ukraine project will play as well in middle class America over the long term as the never-ending video game-like military campaigns against "restive" darkies in the Middle East. The Ukrainian people look too much like ordinary middle class Americans (a dark omen for Americans!). Pounding them daily with grad rockets might wake up the somnolent American public from its deep pharmaceutical slumber.

Some mornings, Kerry must have a hard time looking at his face in the mirror. Whatever happened to that radical young anti-war veteran/war hero of the Vietnam War?  Something's broken...and I think it's more than a leg.

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