Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bump to the Top--In light of FIFA President Sudden Resignation

FIFA Political football .... wrap up?  Or, just end of first half?

UPDATE:  June 3, 2015 Paul Craig Roberts sums up the US "investigation" of FIFA and says it's all a ploy to deny Russia the games and continue its policy of isolation of Russia.  He also alludes to the blackmail that I have been discussing lately....blackmail (threats or bribes) of all politicians and media.

UPDATE #2:  June 2, 2015 US is investigating Blatter...the US, which has one of the most corrupt, bought and paid for judicial systems in the world.  The game is over.  The US has killed FIFA and international Football--Soccer.  Oh, and the kicker (no pun intended)  "Europe Plots to hold 'Alternative World Cup' and boycott Russia.  

UPDATE:  June 2, 2015 Sepp Blatter suddenly resigns.  Is he being blackmailed?  We know everyone else with any degree of power is.  Money threatened to be withdrawn unless Blatter resigned?  That's Blackmail!!!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

2018 World Football Championship Games in Russia

Just browsing through the Internet reaction to the vote in Zurich yesterday to re-elect Sepp Blatter President of FIFA I note there has been more or less an ominous silence from the usual sources.  The pro Blatter forces are commenting on this win:

And let's look at the Western media claim that the Blatter's win in the election "demonstrated the huge divisions at the congress". The result of the vote was 133 votes to 73. i.e. Blatter got almost 65%, an almost 2/3 majority, yet this is touted by the scurrilous Western media as "huge division". In the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron recently 'won' the general election with a 'majority government' with less than 25% of the national vote, and with the approval of just 1/3 of those who voted! Yet Cameron repeatedly declares that obvious statistical lie that he has been given a "clear mandate."

Then there was a supportive editorial coming out of the Chinese media...which divides the parties to the controversy down Moscow Victory Day Parade lines:

“We must not neglect the political background, the “coincidence”, the timing, and the basic logic of the US-led action on FIFA. After all, the U.S.-Russian relations have fallen to a post-Cold War low following their conflicts in Crimea and in eastern Ukraine, and considering the U.S. also has possible interests if 2018 and 2022 World Cup hosting nations change due to the scandal of FIFA, one can not rule out that US may capitalize on the anti-corruption against FIFA as a plan to “kill two birds with one stone”: berating Russia ideologically on the World Cup Russia 2018 in the next three years, and making considerable profits from a possible change of World Cup hosting nation, and at least, to revenge their defeat by Qatar in the 2022 World Cup bidding,” said the Xinhua editorial.
The desert nation of Qatar beat out the United States as the 2022 World Cup host in a humiliating setback for the US Soccer Federation, which spent millions of dollars on its bid and brought over former President Bill Clinton for its closing presentation in 2010.

This last paragraph above was very interesting.  I did not know that Qatar had beaten out the US. (I don't follow Football (Soccer) just geopolitics : )   I was aware that the UK has offered to take the games if Russia were to be disqualified from holding them. I guess the thinking is that the UK and US would hold games for their vassal states.  This is what I still think will happen. 

 “The unprecedented U.S.-led action has problems in jurisdiction and sends out a dangerous signal of taking judicial actions directly on an international organization by just one or two nations. FIFA is an international sports organization, which is not suitable for unilateral actions. If U.S. set an example, other international organizations face similar situations in the future,” it warned.The editorial also cautioned that if the West re-issues a boycott appeal against the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia like it did during the Moscow Olympics in 1980, it “will hurt the sport to a great extent"...

Like I say, there has been an ominous silence from the "official sources" on the Russian victory in the FIFA election yesterday. My analysis is that the Cabal's effort to de throne Blatter was only the opening volley. This was their effort to "play by the rules". Future efforts will be  decidedly more pre-emptive and false flagish.  Bottom line...I read recently that Russia was setting up "training centres" in the Russian cities that will be hosting the games...and has invited England, as an example, to come and train in the cities. I can't see that happening. I hope I'm wrong....but if that were to happen it would be diametrically opposed to the rigorously enforced "they don't exist" pre-conflict doctrine of the PTB.

Oh, and it is very important to note that the US was pointedly saying that it holds the TV rights to the Games in both North and South America.  The implied threat was that there would be no TV coverage if the US does not get its way.  How DID the US get control of the TV rights to all the countries in the Western Hemisphere anyway?  Stay tuned....

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