Tuesday, June 16, 2015

American Election Update

Donald Trump declares his candidacy for the US Presidency

Who are these jacklegs, highbinders, wirepullers, mountebanks, swellheads, buncombe spigots, boodle artists, four-flushers, and animated cuspidors offering themselves as worthy of the nation’s highest office?  TJ O'Rourke

I've been building towards posting an update on the US Presidential race for some weeks now but, as with many of my posts...some event is needed to trip the wire before the post gets completed and published.  This time, it's Donald Trump's declaration that he is going to run for President of the US. He has threatened to run during past elections but this time he has really declared.  I guess he has all his affairs in order (sarc).

Prior to Trump throwing his hat in the ring...this was going to be my lead photo to the post:

American globalist cabal choose all candidates and give voters the finger

All the leading candidates, prior to today, were hand-picked by the Ziofascist Globalist Warmongering (did I leave out any adjectives?) cabal.  The election slate is an insult to Americans and to the concept of democracy as we used to know it.  Having two representatives of the greatest crime families of modern history as candidates sort of tells it all.  Jeb Bush promises to "Fix" the US...was the headline in the ziopress and they had a good chuckle in the editorial room over the sly phrasing.  His family's known gonnections with the CIA --going back to the Kennedy assassinations...is a resume not to be overlooked.

But Democracy in America is a two party farce.  So the other one hand clapping is Hillary Clinton. According to the ziopundits...Hillary is a done deal.  There is no alternative...the cabal has spoken. Even though the minor issue of popularity is a hurdle she has yet to overcome.  Timid voices of feigned opposition are cautioning that tweaks need to be made in her election campaign style.

But who ARE we kidding here?  Everyone knows who really chooses the next president of the US. The names and numbers are all right here.  It has to be the way they want it and, if it suddenly veers off into the uncharted realm of Black Swans...there are all kinds of ways the cabal can interfere in the campaign to draw it back and re-position it--toward its inexorable conclusion. Cabal spokesman John Bolton has predicted another terrorist event in the US.  Here, another American predicts a False Flag blamed on Iran is being planned by Israel.  Draconian legislation can be used against those who aren't on board and/or should the public suddenly and unexpectedly wake up. We can always have another False Flag like the "anthrax attack". After all, just recently, US spooks were still playing around with Anthrax...and even sent it to themselves at the Pentagon.

The shadow government that really rules the US has been spoken about by past presidents. More recently, former US Congressman Ron Paul says that CIA is acting like a shadow government and executing domestic assassinations. All which brings me back to Donald Trump's declaration to run for the president today. Donald should know (because he has always been a peripheral hanger-on to the elite) that he can NOT be president. It's not that he couldn't be bad enough...or wouldn't follow their instructions. No, Donald cannot be president because he has no blood on his hands. He cannot, therefore, be blackmailed to the extent they need in order to provoke their nuclear holocaust. These are serious times and they call for seriously bloody hands. So it will be Billary or Jeb the Bushling....(pile of recycled scrap metal)...

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