Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Tale of Two Flags

Confederate Flag flying in South Carolina

Confederate flag pulled from

Vancouver shop after church slayings

VANCOUVER SUN -- The debate in the U.S. over removing symbols of the Confederacy following the shooting of nine African-Americans in a church in South Carolina is having a ripple effect, with Vancouver-based The Flag Shop saying it will no longer sell the Confederate flag.
Susan Braverman, president of The Flag Shop Vancouver, said the corporate office in Vancouver and 12 franchise locations across the country have pulled the flag from shelves and will no longer include it in the company's product line.
"We're not going to carry it anymore," Braverman said Tuesday."

Flag of Novorossiya

Again I am reminded of what Roosevelt said about politics "Nothing happens by accident".  Having traveled extensively in the States...including to Gettysburg, Virginia...I saw countless Confederate flags in tourist shops, on T-shirts (I even owned one once) on coffee mugs and other souvenirs.  This flag is a part of American history.  For them to persecute it's existence as a historical object seems very interestingly timed.

Former Congressman Ron Paul gives American History Lesson in front of Confederate Flag

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