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Urah! Urah! Urah!

Russian Military on Parade in Red Square, Moscow
Saturday, May 9, 2015

One of the most electrifying moments in the Russian Military Parade Spectacular that was held in Moscow last Saturday, May 9, 2015, was the moment when Putin shouted the war cry: "Urah! to the assembled thousands of soldiers and they repeated the cry back to him three times...Red Square reverberated with the roar. You can watch that moment at the 57 to 104 second point at this video of the entire parade. YouTube will not allow me to upload the video of the parade onto my blog. Curious.

In any got me to thinking and wondering about the origin of the war cry Urah! So I looked it up on Wikipedia. Naturally, the description says it dates back to the US marines. What a joke! Like the Russians would use a war cry originating with the US marines. So I researched a bit more and discovered that the origin of the war cry Urah! probably comes from the Turkish military and the Turkish words "Now...Hit!" Well, that certainly makes more sense. The Turks are notoriously rapacious and effective warriors.  I remember a legend that a Turkish army once turned the waters of a lake red with the blood of their victims. That is why the Turkish flag is bright red.

Looking up more information about battle or war cries, I found a few more:

Battle Cry

"... The Russian version, "Urah!" has been used by the Imperial Russian Army, the Red Army and is still used by the Russian Ground Forces."

Sioux War song

Cherokee War Cry

and even this highly interesting Archival video of US Civil War Veterans giving the "Rebel Yell"

What struck me about the theatre (because that's what it is) of the Putin/Russian war cry was the almost "off hand" body language and tone of voice when Putin uttered the word Urah! he was giving an order to one of his well loved dogs....
Putin with one of his well-loved dogs

....and the equally dramatic, enthusiastic and loyal response from the thousands of assembled soldiers. Putin was delivering a clear message that he is a consummate war commander....and the soldiers were delivering the message they were ready to fight and follow Putin to the death. This double message should strike terror into the minds of the neocon, globalist, Satan-worshiping warmongers.  But likely not.  

The west's main$tream media provides the west's response: Here is the BBC in high disinformation mode...dismissing the Russian celebrations and pushing the confrontation/war agenda relentlessly forward.

Only those who have experienced war know the horrors.  Here is a video of an old Russian soldier warning the young about the horrors of war:  Facing the War .  Again, YouTube will not allow it to be uploaded directly.  Russians know about war and that is why Putin is trying so hard to avoid it.  A few voices in the west speak Journalist Paul Craig Roberts regularly tries to warn the west about the proximity of the world to Nuclear War.

Coincidentally, or not, a seminal documentary about WWII was released last week called "Hellstorm". I sat down and watched the entire documentary the other night and would recommend it as "Must View" to all truthers out there.  Not that I agree with everything in the documentary.  Like all "histories" it can be selective.  For applauds General George Patton as the only western leader who spoke out against the atrocities being done to the defeated Germans (civilians and soldiers). What the documentary film makers conveniently leave that Patton wanted to make nice with the they could join together and continue the march east to "finish off the Russians".

"Hellstorm", is the first effort to describe and document the war crimes committed against the Germans and, as such, it is a powerful anti-war message to all.  None of the allies are spared...neither the Russians (whose "Mongol soldiers" were the most savage rapists and looters of the war) nor the West who were the most sadistic...penning up German soldiers and depriving them of water...forcing them to drink their own urine...when streams of clear, fresh water flowed just meters from the barbed wire enclosures). Nor spared were the powerful jewish oligarchs working behind both the west and Russia--in their vengeance upon the Germans.

Here's Paul Craig Roberts' on WWII.  Here are Demitry Orlov's thoughts about the chance of war both in Europe and North America.

In summary, in the display of military might and particularly the electrifying war cry "Urah!" that took place last Saturday...IMO, the Russians were delivering one last warning to the West. The newly released documentary "Hellstorm" describes just what lies in waiting for those who don't heed the warning. I heard the warning...did you?

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