Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Most Important Thing Putin has ever told the World

Putin has accused the U.S. of 
blackmailing world leaders
"There are reports that a number of world leaders are getting undisguised blackmailed. It is not without reason that the 'Big Brother' is spending billions of dollars on surveillance around the world, including on their closest allies."

Vladimir Putin, October 2014

The missing piece of the geopolitical puzzle was handed to the world on a silver platter by Vladimir Putin back in October of 2014 when he revealed why every western country is falling into line behind the Ziofascist warmongering cabal.  Everyone is being blackmailed. Blackmail is currently the main driving (negative) political force on this planet.

Think about it...why would the NATO countries have followed the US into Afghanistan in 2002 without so much as a cursory investigation into the outlandish whoppers of 9/11? Lies that defy logic, the rules of evidence and the laws of physics? Why would not one serving politician in the more than a decade since have stood up and spoken the truth about what happened?

Why would the countries of Europe, particularly France and Germany...go along with the sanctions against Russia...which are not only illegal and based on more lies...but that hurt their own economies? Why would France, in particular, be willing to ruin its reputation as an arms supplier by reneging on the Mistral aircraft carrier deal? Why would countries like Malaysia shut up like clams when their planes, carrying their citizens, are blown up in the skies or remotely flown to unknown destinations? Why would the world watch in silence for the people of Palestine are being routinely massacred and tortured in their outdoor prison?

Why would a prime minister of a country like Canada totally ignore the overwhelming wishes of the public and pass draconian and unnecessary security legislation C51 (with the support of another leader, Justin Trudeau) knowing that they both will be defeated in the next election due to this treachery? Are they both omadhauns? (possibly : ) Or, are they both being blackmailed?  I say the latter....

Yes, folks, all the people in the world with any power at all are being surveilled and blackmailed. Nope, I should correct myself. All the people except Putin. It must be lonely for him (and he has admitted as much) at the top, having to deal with people who are so terrified...who cannot speak openly and who have no power to negotiate. Even US Secretary of State, John Kerry, was made a fool of recently....when he went cap in hand to Sochi to negotiate with Putin...came out of the meeting and warned Poroshenko not to break the Minsk 2 agreement. Then a day or so later, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland ("F the EU") told Poroshenko to "Ignore what Kerry said."  Query:  Why did Kerry not fire Nuland for this blatant insubordination????

It's pathetic that all local police forces have standard methods of dealing with blackmailers (blackmail has always been a serious crime) but the world has not. There are steps that need to be taken to deprive the blackmailer of the power to terrorize, silence, manipulate and bully...but no one has the gonads to take the necessary steps. So, we inch ever closer to nuclear conflagration...all on the basis of blackmail...and no one will call a halt.

The worst part of the scenario is that, in order for it to continue, the blackmailers need to focus on eliminating anyone who knows about the blackmail.... Can we all say the words "prison planet?" No, not the Alex Jones Prison Planet...the one you and I are in right now...with the blackmailers holding the keys.

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