Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saudi Arabia detonates nuclear bombs in Yemen

Nuclear Bomb detonation in Yemen

This is the way WWIII starts. "Tactical" neutron bombs detonated in Yemen by Saudi Arabia.  Don't worry, they're just little bombs...and, most importantly, they're "tactical".  Watch for this word to be used as a buzzword whenever civilians are bombed by these smaller they are currently being bombed in Yemen.  Where did the bombs come from?  Some say USrael and some say PakUStan.

You see, the military establishment has to test out these new weapons on live populations.  Yemen is a good choice...a small poor country with a subsistence population that nobody cares about.  Test the weaponry--and then it will be brought to a city in a country near you...but don't worry.  It's only a "tactical" weapon.


Dhaka Diary said...

What amazes me is the incredulity of people and the dumb silence of mainstream media. How do those people in power do this?

greencrow said...

Hi Dhaka Diary:

Yes, the people who are in a position to prevent these atrocities and the mainstream media are colluding with evil by their silence. They, also, have blood on their hands. Fortunately, I believe the world has reached the saturation point in these bloody events. I hope and pray so, anyway.