Friday, May 1, 2015

Reflections on my 200th Post

Reflections on my 200th Post

Well, I am at my 200th post.  At one point, two or more years ago when I started to take blog posting seriously, this would have seemed like a lot of posts to me.  Now, looking at all the blogs to the right--on my "favourites Blogroll", it doesn't seem so many.  Many of those blogs have thousands of posts to their credit.'s a milestone and an opportunity to step back for a moment to see where I am and where I'm going with this blog. First of all...the understanding of the relationship between myself as a blogger and the server Blogger has deepened. I have referred to it in the past as a 'cat and mouse" relationship. Blogger takes my posts and bats them around statistically, like a cat does when it's "playing" with a mouse. That is all I can say, without sounding hopelessly paranoid. Do mice get paranoid? Does anyone know how to switch to an Icelandic server like so many other bloggers appear to be doing? lol  Seriously, I have added some new features to this an e-mail notification gadget and a "Translate" gadget.  Check the very bottom of the blog for details.

Other than that...I stand amazed at the power of the Blog.  Not just mine but all bloggers fill in the vacuum left by the Main$tream Media when it abandoned truthtelling way back in 2001. Anyone can now create a blog and act as a "truth filter" or a "BS caller" by taking the news and interpreting it--according to evidence, logic and morality.  Whoopee!

It also allows us to vent and therefore ease some of the frustration caused by the constant main$tream media lies and mind control efforts.  In other words, it keeps us sane.  Below is a video that went viral on blogs a few days ago.  I still don't know the name of the man who's speaking.  He's talking about the "Israelification of the North American police forces".  This is something I've been keenly aware of, ever since a dispicable incident happened here in Vancouver...when three drunken off duty policemen beat up an Indo-Canadian newspaper delivery man in downtown Vancouver.  I believe these police had been trained/indoctrinated by these Israeli-style police.  One of them was even a part time police instructor at the local "Justice Institute".

The Iraelification of the Canadian Police Forces

I read recently that this Israelification of local Police Forces could end up with us all being virtual "Palestinians". Living in open air concentration camps like the Gazans do.  I even read where they will be using "raw sewage" as a weapon against protesters in the future.  Nice.

Another trend I've been following and will continue to watch is the use by "government" of professional rioters, crisis actors and other superfluous "human beings" to control populations.  I believe that professional vandals and looters were brought into the recent protest demonstrations in Baltimore.  I don't think the public can have a protest demonstration anymore...without it being infiltrated by professional trouble makers--to provide an excuse for police over-reaction.

That's why I say and will continue to say that public protest demonstrations will not be the way to reclaim our humanity and freedom.  We will need to look at other ways...such as "stay at home strikes".

These are some of the ideas and trends I hope to expand on in future posts.  I have a lot of "drafts" (unpublished posts) that I need to look at again and possibly update for publication.  One thing I will continue to urge my readers to do is to search by topic some of my older posts.  I have a habit of going back and posting links on older posts when I find "gem" information--that completes or supports an issue--more than what I originally posted.  I'm encouraged to do this revision/updating by noting (from the stats) how many visitors to the blog go back and seek out older posts to read.

Final point...this blog (and the others to the right) could (as long as the PTB allow the blogosphere to continue on the Internet) act as historical documentation of how humanity dealt with the events of our times.  Perhaps our children or grandchildren will read our posts and understand how we didn't totally surrender to the PTB.  We have tried to oppose some of the roads we're being dragged down.

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