Friday, May 8, 2015

UPDATED: Probably The Most Important Interview I Have Ever Posted

NOTICE:  May 10, 2015  as a special Mother's day tribute to all you Mothers...I have updated my Greencrow Creative Resources Page with two sculptures I did of women way back in 1966.  Click on the link above and Enjoy!

Rocco Galati

Who is this man you ask?  Well, he's a constitutional lawyer "David" standing with a legal stone poised to kill the Goliath of the International Privately Run and Owned Bankster System. Here he is in an interview with the CBC. Watch this crucial interview, as it provides a priceless insight into the nefarious cancer on all western governments (including Canada) and what this man is doing about it. Bravo Rocco!  And, as a helpful tip...Rocco...don't fly in any small planes!

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