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Are there Aliens among us on Earth?

UPDATE:  May 18, 2015  Here is a new link about aliens and UFO's.  I haven't watched it yet but the review by WRH says  "This documentary concurs with my own theory about the UFO craze; that it is an elaborate and long-running hoax to conceal top secret aircraft development by the US military."

Are there Aliens among us on Earth?

This is a question humans have asked from time immemorial...from the time when homo sapien first became capable of thinking past his or her immediate survival and to ponder the stars.  Are we alone in the universe?  I think the chances of earth being the only repository of life must, mathematically at least, be quite slim.  I do believe that by the law of averages, there MUST be other planets capable of sustaining life and that do sustain life. That being is a far cry from planets in the universe being able to sustain life to having aliens walking among us. But the questions persist. Here's a video where they talk about Russia having "Men in Black" dealing with aliens...just like in the movie of the same name.

Russians have their own "Men in Black"

The military man in the video even closely resembles actor Tommy Lee Jones, 

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, stars of sci-fi comedy "Men in Black" of the stars of "Men in Black".  This uncanny resemblance probably goes more to the point of Hollywood trying to resemble reality than there being aliens...but that's another post.  

Truther Carol Valentine * was quoted the other day as having said "There are no aliens, just demons." I agree with that view.  Here is a video of a rabbi telling some Israeli soldiers that Jews are aliens from another universe. I'm not joking...that's exactly what he says: Rabbi talks about Jews as aliens from another universe. If this is the general tenor of sermons given by wonder the world is in the state it's in. You really need to take the time to listen to this explains a lot!

But, back to the topic of aliens...Man is still quite primitive when it comes to space exploration. As I've stated several times on this blog, I don't believe that man has ever been to the moon, or even outside the gravitational pull of earth. For a large spaceship, capable of carrying a crew, to break free of the gravitational pull of earth would not only take enormous rocket energy--far beyond what man has thus far devised...but it would force the astronauts to travel through the Van Allen radiation belts....belts that even NASA has contradictorily described as being an impediment to humans going to the moon. Here are some links about the Apollo hoax. You can also search back through my posts to find more links and information about the Apollo hoax.

Here's a link about a New Study says that astronauts attempting to travel to outer space (through and beyond the Van Allen Radiation Belts) would be exposed to radiation particles that can cause dementia....Oops!!!

So, with all the lies we've been fed from NASA and Hollywood about space and the possibility of aliens among us...humans have become very vulnerable to being terrorized by another outer space hoax like the Apollo hoax.  Unlike the relatively benign Apollo "distraction" hoax...this one would up the ante of terror--with aliens. There's a rumour such an event is already in the works and has been called "Project Blue Beam". This is no doubt something the PTB have concocted and readied for the time when humans might become overly obstreperous. "Terrorize the hell out of them with extraterrestrials!" There was an early "trial" effort made in this direction years ago with the radio program put on by Hollywood actor Orson Welles called "War of the Worlds". Think what the perps could do with all the advances in film and graphics...including holograms!  If something happened like that...we'd be hard pressed to know if it were true or just another hoax.  And of course the sheeple would just lap it all up!

Once I scared myself:

Here's a link to a series of three interviews with a woman who calls herself A'shayana Deane.  Deane discusses something she calls 'Ascension Mechanics".  A few years ago, I sat down and watched all the interviews (filmed by Kerry Cassidy of the now defunct website Project Camelot). I must say, the hair on the back of my neck stood up when I tried to follow A'sheyana's "logic" down a very weird rabbit hole indeed.  I even scared myself : )

In summary, to answer my own question...Are there aliens here on earth?  I have to say I just don't know.  I believe there's other life in the universe.  But has it touched down here?  Let's just say I would be highly skeptical of any government or main$tream media reports of such an event...considering how we've been lied to through the years.  It would be far more likely that the "Usual Demons" would use Hollywood/main$tream media to scare the hell out of humanity...than that there would be this point in human history, at least.


*NB:  Re respected writer and truther Carol Valentine. It was Carol who first came up with the "Bumbleplanes theory" of 9/11...i.e., remote controlled planes flew into the towers.  Carol must be ruffling a few feather of the PTB because there's been a serious effort by the usual search engines to obscure her links. Here is the link where I first read her work, Serendipity

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