Friday, May 22, 2015

Germany and Japan: Two countries chafing at the bit of post WWII occupation

Japanese protestors speaking out against American military occupation

One of the most popular topics I've covered in this blog is the continued US military occupation of both Germany and Japan. This military occupation has been going on for nearly 70 years, since the end of WWII. Since both both Germany and Japan were historical economic rivals to the west, particularly the US, one could almost conclude that WWII was at least partially conducted to neutralize the hegemonic and economic threat that both countries presented. The US profited enormously from rebuilding the countries (under the Marshall Plan) after the war and has gained incalculable advantages from maintaining military bases in the hearts of both Europe and Asia. The muted opposition in both Germany and Japan to continued foreign occupation can be credited to the highly successful main$tream media demonization of both countries during and post WWII. Both countries were completely defeated, militarily, spiritually, physically and economically.

Germany and Japan beginning to re-grow spines

But, as generations succeed generations and war memories fade...the hegemonic masters need to come up with new reasons to maintain occupation. Japan has long wanted US military bases off its limited land base and to reassert its own foreign relations with its neighbours, including China and Korea. Germany's population is slowly regaining their pride--and learning that much of the history that has kept their heads hung down has been concocted...for just that purpose. Watch and listen to this woman, who lived through WWII and is now in her 80's, finally speaking out about the suffering the Germans endured during and at the end of the war...and the lies that have been told about what happened.

Ursula Haverbeck speaks out about War Atrocities
 committed against the Germans by the Allies during and after WWII

Back in the 70's I worked with a German immigrant woman who kept to herself and was a very good worker. One day, something happened that upset her deeply...I can't remember what it was now. She came over to my desk and stood in front of me shaking and in tears. She said in a whisper "You don't know what we Germans went through at the end of the war. "They" came to our village one day, dragged us out of our homes and we were homeless from then on." I think I must have mumbled some comforting remark...she nor I ever mentioned the topic again. It was "verboten".

Germany, Japan...and the US itself, have been plagued with intermittent, chronic terror events in the decades post war. Japan had poison gas attacks in its subways and, of course, the horrific world wide terror event...the Stuxnet/under ocean nuke/Fukushima attack. Germany had the Munich Olympic terror attack a few decades ago...and the recent Germanwings take-down of one of its passenger planes. Of course, the US secret government did the 9/11 atrocity...and continues to terrorize its own population to maintain control of the military/industrial megalith that it uses to bully the world. A former high level CIA official recently stated that "every single terrorist attack in the US was a false flag attack.

One factor that has changed in recent months...and has created a "sea change" in the post WWII the rise of Russia and BRICS. Now, both Germany and Japan have an alternative economic and possibly military option to consider when attempting to increase their self sufficiency and independence. Will the secret government of the US continue to keep them down by force? Or, will it change tack and return to the "bait" it originally and historically used to gather other countries under the US umbrella.  In days gone by, the US was a beacon of freedom--that drew other countries to admire it...not by fear or the threat of never-ending wars. Now it's Russia that is supporting the mandate of the UN and rule of international law--among equal nations.

Germany and Japan have two of the most dynamic cultures and economies in human history. It's only inevitable that these two cultures are going to reassert themselves. We're entering a new era. The re-emergence of Germany and Japan as equal nations will require a wise and patient win/win approach by the traditional world powers. It will also require a final rejection by the US of the hubristic notion of a uni-polar world. The only question is...can it be done peacefully?     

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