Sunday, May 24, 2015

Elaborately constructed Piles of Manure are signs of wealth in some cultures

Elaborately Constructed Pile of Manure

Believe it or not, in some primitive cultures, elaborately constructed piles of manure are considered signs of wealth. Lots of these piles in a village mean the people are very wealthy. There is the same mentality/value system in the West's desperation to publish elaborate lies about what the cabal is doing in the Middle East. Let's be clear. From the very beginning of the West's relentless destruction of the Muslim countries and culture of the middle east, [since 1946?] the goal has been to divide and conquer all the countries into helpless Balkan-style states. This will reconfigure the map to give Israel a very big and commanding control of the land, government and resources. That's the unassailable truth. Everything else is an elaborately concocted lie.
Lately, it's been getting ludicrous, as Internet blogger James Corbett observed in a short video editorial today. ISIS/ISIL whatever, has a new glossy publication to disseminate its propaganda lies. A report in a recent edition is decrying "conspiracy theorists" for stealing its terror thunder. ISIS (Israel Security and Intelligence Services) is saying some "conspiracy theorists" are insisting the non-stop violence in the middle east is a western/CIA/Mossad "inside job"--thus denying ISIS/ISIL their due respect as terrorists. This piece of dung is carefully arranged atop all the other excrement, i.e., the US "accidentally" supplying ISIS with weaponry, etc. and helping ISIS,  i.e., friendly fire bombing of Iraqi soldiers by the US, followed by mock concern how Iraqis are unwilling to fight ISIS

Well, I suppose they have to provide meaningful work for all the highly paid factotems in the Pentagon and Tel Aviv....scribbling lies for glossy Internet magazines--in order to 'drill the message". The truth is...ordinary citizens in the west and throughout the world are getting tired and bored of these efforts. We're tired of seeing and smelling all the elaborately constructed dung heaps in our main$tream media. We've turned off the M$M in droves. Even surfing the TV channels looking for reno and sports shows...we sometimes inadvertently hit upon a "news" channel--and the dung comes flying out at us from the screen! We gag and can't hit the "channel up" button fast enough. 

It's come down to telling lies about the lies--that are about other lies. The "inside job" has become an inside joke. 

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