Sunday, May 3, 2015

Crows and other species exhibit very "human" behaviour

Crows and other species exhibit very "human" behaviour

A while back I saw on the BBC how a young girl and her mother formed a very human relationship with a murder of crows.  They fed the crows peanuts and, in return, the crows brought them trinkets and gifts as displayed below:

Crow gifts for girl who feeds them regularly

You can watch the video in the link here.  I highly recommend watching this amazing interplay between species.  This relationship (like all relationships) depends upon trust and respect.  This teaches humans a lot about survival on this planet. We would do well to learn from these experiences.

So, keeping the above story in mind...I started to feed peanuts to the local squirrels and crows on my regular dog walks through my own neighbourhood.  We have a couple of pairs of crows in the trees very near our home...and in the trees by the pathway I regularly walk in an urban salmon stream greenbelt...there are a couple of black squirrels.   Before walks, I fill my pockets with peanuts and leave them out where the crows and squirrels can see them.

Well, It wasn't too long before I received some positive "feedback" from the squirrels and crows. One of the squirrels jumped down from the trees and ran right in front of me, carrying a peanut I had left a few days previous.  I figure he was trying to "thank" me but also remind me that he was "out" of peanuts.

Then a few days later, a crow swooped down in front of me as I was walking across a field.  He also was carrying a peanut.  He also appeared to be trying to get my attention--in the same manner as the squirrel had done.  I also leave some peanuts in a bird bath in my back yard.  They are always gone within a few days...but as of trinkets.  Maybe Canadian crows are not as astute as Brit crows.
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Here's a timely reminder about birds.  Birds need forests to survive.


Penny said...

Birds and humans need forests to survive-
congrats on post 200 GC!
Keep with it!

greencrow said...

Thanks Penny. You're great company on this journalistic voyage we're on.