Monday, May 11, 2015

CawRANT Events #5

CawRANT Events #5

It's another dull and gray Monday Morning and I'm in the mood to RANT!  Amazingly, there's never a shortage of topics to rant about.  The first on my list is the Canadian Army Recruitment ads on TV. I've been watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Canadian Ministry of Defense is a high paying advertiser for the hockey games. Just like in American sports...where the US military places a lot of ads. It never used to be the case in Canada, but ever since we became a five eyes vassal of the States some years ago now...everything, and I mean everything is being "harmonized".

The Cdn Military Recruitment ads depict soldiers in various war settings....running across battle fields, etc....while a solemn voice intones in the background...they are "fighting to defend our values". The ads never state what "values" require that we go somewhere else and fight.  Why do we need to kill people to defend our "values"?  Killing people in their own homeland is not a 'value" that I agree with.  Oh, and they also say the Canadian soldiers are "fighting for freedom".  Again...what kind of freedom needs to be gained by going to foreign lands and killing inhabitants?  These ads are an insult to our intelligence.. and a wasteful expense of our tax dollars.  

Next, is something I mentioned in an earlier post.  The UN should be moved out of the United States.  The United States does not recognize the UN as the arbiter of world peace anymore (if it ever did).  The US says it is an "exceptional" country that needs to rule over the world.  It can invade any country without UN approval.  So, what is the UN doing there?  I am concerned that the UN buildings are used by the CIA/FBI to surveil on foreign delegations and that the leaders/delegates could even be at physical risk in the US.  I think an island somewhere should be selected (I'm going to suggest Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean) and the UN moved there.  The Island would be declared International territory.  As a bonus, we would all finally get to see what's going on on Diego Garcia : )

Two recent happenings that I have not covered on my blog are the Recent Brit elections and the Texas shootings.  Both are frauds and rigged from the top down.  Truth bloggers don't spend much time parsing these events anymore.  Western elections are all rigged....with the possible exception of the Provincial Alberta election shocker last week...where a socialist New Democratic Party won a majority.  I'm wondering if new Alberta premier Rachel Notley has had her "Jesse Ventura" moment yet.  Jesse likes to tell the story where, after he was elected governor of Minnesota...he was called into a meeting with some federal CIA/FBI agents and questioned for hours.  He surmises they questioned him to find out how he got elected (Black Swan Event) so they could make sure it never happened again.

The Texas shooting occurred at a "cartoon contest" to see who could draw the most insulting cartoon of Mohammed.  Now, guess who organized the contest and put up the $10,000 prize?  I don't need to go any further into this false flag hoax....except to suggest that the "usual suspects" need to get a new schstick!

On one of my favourite topics--BIRDS....I read recently that the Canadian government is trying to determine what bird species can become Canada's national bird.  The Federal Government doesn't have enough to do governing anymore...because that function is done elsewhere...but can get into a tizzy looking for a bird suitable to be Canada's national symbol.  The fact of the matter is that Canada already has a bird...the ubiquitous "Canada Goose".  The Canada Goose has always been intimately associated with Canada. and should be a shoo-in for the role...but I guess Steve thinks that having a peaceful national symbol that is also associated with depositing annoying bird guano on park grass is not appropriate.  I think the Canada Goose is highly suitable...given its predilection to fly in complete formation behind other birds of its kind. 

Symbol of a charter member of the Five Eyes Vassel States

Finally, to end on a positive note...I will congratulate the Russians on their excellent 70th celebrations honouring those who gave their lives in the "Great Patriotic War" (aka WWII).  It shows what a great manager Putin is, that he put such a complex and electrifying event together and pulled it off without a hitch.  It bodes well for the 2018 World Soccer Championship, which is slated to be held in Moscow and other Russian cities.  I'm waiting for the NATO globalist warmongers to start threatening the vassal states to stay home from this event, just as they were forced to stay home from the 70th Anniversary celebrations.  Well, if they will be small loss to world soccer fans.

That's my RANT for now...Until the next time....


Unknown said...

Is this the ultimate truth they were hiding?

Is this the reason they are now panicking?

Is this the reason the NWO & Stubblebine took out VT?

Supercomputer, Full Global Mind Kontrol, Complete Global Control Grid:

Information first provided by Carol Valentine 05 June 2013 here:

greencrow said...

Hi Men Scryfa:

Thanks for your comment and for the links. Carol Valentine was one of my earliest truth gurus. I agree with her quote: "there are no UFO's...only demons".