Thursday, May 14, 2015

Canadian Politics Update

Note:  I have updated my Greencrow Creative Resources Page with some Artwork #11 - May 14, 2015 - Two Carved "Love Spoons"


UPDATE:  May 14, 2015  Breaking News:  For the first time in months if not years, the New Democratic Party has topped the Liberals in a Federal public opinion poll. IMO, this is a direct result of Justin Trudeau's support of the hated C-51 Security Bill. See below for more info.

NDP Tom Mulcair, Conservative Stephen Harper and Liberal Justin Trudeau
Three Choices for Canadians

Just a brief update on what is happening in Canada with a federal election slated to happen in the fall. Here are some poll numbers taken in March that show Trudau and Mulcair topping...Harper but with critical regional swings that need to be factored in.

I enjoyed The Lapine's take on Justin Trudeau's chances.   According to the link, voters are just hoping that "...being a spineless wimp is part of Justin's clever strategy".

A more serious analysis comes from the Honeybadger press...which states the obvious. Harper has cynically stolen from the bulging EI (Employment Insurance--funds that working Canadians are obliged by law to pay into) in order to crow that he has "balanced the pre-election budget".

Here's a good question asked by the Canadian truther blog "Press for Truth":  Are Canadian politicians "owned" by foreign countries?  DUH!  
Not only are Canadian politicians owned by foreign countries, Canada is a top sponsor (by way of CSIS) of Ukraine Nazism.

Lastly, but certainly not least....the electorate is in a state of collective shock and mourning over the passage of the draconian "Patriot Act"-style security legislation. A week or more ago, the legislation called C-51 passed a vote in the Canadian Parliament....with support from Conservatives and Liberals.  Bye Bye Justin.

Well, folks...that's your update for summary..."Situation Hopeless but Not Serious"...or, more accurately stated....FUBAR.

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