Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Breaking News: NDP wins Alberta Provincial election in Canada

Rachel Notley wins Alberta Election and becomes first NDP Premier of Alberta

Folks, this election result is a shocker on so many levels.  First of all, nobody outside of Alberta even heard of Rachel Notley prior to this evening. Secondly, The NDP has always been a joke in Capitalistic Big Oil Alberta! Thirdly, this is the home province of Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the provincial conservative party...which used to "own" Alberta...ended up with only ten seats in the provincial legislature. This is a political sea change not only for Alberta but for Canada.  It is a tolling of the bells for Harper (who is caught up in a scandal at the moment).  He's reading the writing on the wall as I type.  It's a boost for National New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair. This may well affect the outcome of the Canadian Federal election next fall...this could give Mulcair the edge over Liberal Justin Trudeau.

I watched Rachel Notley's victory speech and it was a barn burner. That lady can give a speech! Well...it just goes to show you never can tell!  Here is an early days analysis of the result.

It Goes To Show You Never Can Tell

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