Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Are corporations now our enemies?

UPDATE:  June 1, 2015 Paul Craig Roberts Has a post about the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty on his blog this morning that nails the threat that overweaning corporatism poses to humanity.  It's a must read.

UPDATE:  May 20, 2015 Breaking News: "Five of the world's largest banks are to pay fines totalling $5.7bn (£3.6bn) for charges including manipulating the foreign exchange market. Query....Do Banks feel shame, isolation, humiliation or (since they have a license to print money) financial hardship? THIS is why corporations should never be considered as legal "persons" under the law.

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"Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains." -- Thomas Jefferson Letter to Horatio G. Spafford (17 March 1814)
 “It’s ridiculous to talk about freedom in a society dominated by huge corporations.” -Chomsky
 security guard recently told me he didn’t know how much he’d be earning from week to week because his firm kept changing his schedule and his pay. “They just don’t care,” he said.
A traveler I met in the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport last week said she’d been there eight hours but the airline responsible for her trip wouldn’t help her find another flight leaving that evening. “They don’t give a hoot,” she said.
Someone I met in North Carolina a few weeks ago told me he had stopped voting because elected officials don’t respond to what average people like him think or want. “They don’t listen,” he said.
What connects these dots? As I travel around America, I’m struck by how utterly powerless most people feel.
The companies we work for, the businesses we buy from, and the political system we participate in all seem to have grown less accountable. I hear it over and over: They don’t care; our voices don’t count.   Robert Reich

Why do people living in the west now feel so powerless? One of the reasons, IMO, is that big corporations have begun to act like fifth columns in all countries. Although corporations under the law have many of the legal rights and privileges as individuals (if not more), they are not motivated to work for the betterment of society. They only look after their own welfare and collude with their friends/mentors/puppets in government and the military/industrial complex. Everyone is aware of how big corporations have off-shored all the good jobs in North America but few have examined how they have colluded in the government crime and corruptions (including the 9/11 false flag atrocity) of the past decades. Did corporations ever stand up for truth or justice? NO! In fact, when whistleblowers such as journalist Michal Hastings got too close to the truth, corporate high tech sabotage may have caused his death. The NSA spying could not have reached such depths of depravity without the collusion of corporations such as Samsung (Samsung TV that watches and listens in on us).

Pharmaceutical companies have always been one of the biggest offenders. Consider the huge vaccination industry, that is is looting and killing Americans.  Consider that it has now finally been reluctantly admitted on the back pages of the corporate-owned main$tream media that vaccine causes autism. Big Pharma companies go back decades in their wanton destruction of humanity.  Do some research into the connection between the huge Bayer corporation and poison gas during WWI and WWII. Bayer made a killing, literally and figuratively..,.and now it wants to treat your headache!

Just when you think that corporations can't get more exploitative or powerful...government reaches under the table, holds hands with corporations giving them even more power...international trade agreements!  The Trans Pacific Partnership is a deal that has been worked out entirely in secret. Apparently it will even have a clause where corporations can sue governments! Political leaders dare not tell the electorate what's in the TPP, but if it's anything like NAFTA we can guess that jobs will become scarcer, the borders will become even more laden with time wasting bureaucractic "security" and prices will be even higher. I do believe TPP will be NAFTA on steroids.

Corporations have become the problem, rather than the solution. The corporate mind who decided to spread the chemical agent Corexit on the Gulf Horizon oilspill, thus making it even more deadly...is a typical example.  Who made this decision? How did they get away with it?  Finally....can they sleep at night? People in the west have the feeling we're becoming trapped and kept hostage in our own land. There have been rumours that the huge box store Wal-Mart is somehow involved in the upcoming military "drill" Jade Helm. Crazy as it may seem...the rumours are that the huge store, which like all retail stores is in financial difficulties...is palling up with the military to use its stores to provide "hubs' to coral people in the event of a 'crisis".  "The customer is always right" has been replaced by "Anything for the bottom line" as a corporate motto.

Some sociologists suggest that long term social problems like racism and inner city violence result from the depredations of unchecked corporatism.  It makes common sense that treating humanity poorly results in social dysfunction. Who can respect corporations, when big corporate millionaires such as George Soros owe millions in taxes? Government itself is one of the biggest sources of corporate welfare.  Corporations are feasting off the public sector...and YOUR tax dollars.

What are the solutions to rampant and unchecked corporatism? Well...as I have said many times on this blog...I don't think taking to the streets in public demonstrations is the answer anymore because....every single protest demonstration nowadays is targeted by the cointel riot provocateurs. One solution is to fight back using the economy...one of the few weapons that the corporatists understand. Boycott offending corporations and become more self-sufficient and less dependent on the "machine" generally.  I suggest staying at home two days per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays?) and not buying anything.  Make it clear this is being done to regain control over our lives, society and the economy...which has been wrested away from us by unbridled corporatism. Humanity has to fight back, because the longer corporations are allowed to grow like weeds...dandelions and buttercups...the more they will morph and spread. The next stage coming up, after global "free trade" is even more terrifying and anti-humane.  Futurists like Stephen Hawking predict that corporations will build robots to replace humans and then the robots will kill humans.

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Penny said...

I have long maintained the only vote that counts is your dollar
Use it judiciously.
And it can make a difference
Use it stupidly and you can continue to feed the beast and be part of the problem

Example: I don't give Walmart my money
I don't shop at one store
I buy local
I buy from farmers that which I don't grow
I am going to start making my own soap, to avoid chemicals that cosmetic companies poison us with the toxins
I'm one person
Multiply that to everyone doing their bit and the paradigm would shift
but sadly far too many people are too lazy and want all the conveniences- not thinking that those conveniences have costs- great costs- And cause harm

Recently I did a post on smart locks, which actually make your house less secure- But people are getting into them and I can't understand that?

That said, the clue came when one fellow said in the CBC video, well I forget my key, so it's convenient...

However when you watch those prepper type shows or listen to Stefan Verstappen out of Toronto
not one show or Mr Verstappen tell you to secure your home with smart locks!
Because only an idiot who can't bring their key when they go out, requiring a convenient solution for their own laziness would see value in adding a layer of insecurity to their own home.

Anyone else who is not lazy and has a brain would get into other options

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Great comment and ideas. Yes, I caught on to those "smart locks" a while back. Smart locks, smart meters, smart jail!

I am sure there must be lots of other ways we can fight the would be jailers in a "passive aggressive manner".

Sewing and knitting can become cottage industries again. Bring those jobs back!