Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Most Important Thing Putin has ever told the World

Putin has accused the U.S. of 
blackmailing world leaders
"There are reports that a number of world leaders are getting undisguised blackmailed. It is not without reason that the 'Big Brother' is spending billions of dollars on surveillance around the world, including on their closest allies."

Vladimir Putin, October 2014

The missing piece of the geopolitical puzzle was handed to the world on a silver platter by Vladimir Putin back in October of 2014 when he revealed why every western country is falling into line behind the Ziofascist warmongering cabal.  Everyone is being blackmailed. Blackmail is currently the main driving (negative) political force on this planet.

Think about it...why would the NATO countries have followed the US into Afghanistan in 2002 without so much as a cursory investigation into the outlandish whoppers of 9/11? Lies that defy logic, the rules of evidence and the laws of physics? Why would not one serving politician in the more than a decade since have stood up and spoken the truth about what happened?

Why would the countries of Europe, particularly France and Germany...go along with the sanctions against Russia...which are not only illegal and based on more lies...but that hurt their own economies? Why would France, in particular, be willing to ruin its reputation as an arms supplier by reneging on the Mistral aircraft carrier deal? Why would countries like Malaysia shut up like clams when their planes, carrying their citizens, are blown up in the skies or remotely flown to unknown destinations? Why would the world watch in silence for the people of Palestine are being routinely massacred and tortured in their outdoor prison?

Why would a prime minister of a country like Canada totally ignore the overwhelming wishes of the public and pass draconian and unnecessary security legislation C51 (with the support of another leader, Justin Trudeau) knowing that they both will be defeated in the next election due to this treachery? Are they both omadhauns? (possibly : ) Or, are they both being blackmailed?  I say the latter....

Yes, folks, all the people in the world with any power at all are being surveilled and blackmailed. Nope, I should correct myself. All the people except Putin. It must be lonely for him (and he has admitted as much) at the top, having to deal with people who are so terrified...who cannot speak openly and who have no power to negotiate. Even US Secretary of State, John Kerry, was made a fool of recently....when he went cap in hand to Sochi to negotiate with Putin...came out of the meeting and warned Poroshenko not to break the Minsk 2 agreement. Then a day or so later, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland ("F the EU") told Poroshenko to "Ignore what Kerry said."  Query:  Why did Kerry not fire Nuland for this blatant insubordination????

It's pathetic that all local police forces have standard methods of dealing with blackmailers (blackmail has always been a serious crime) but the world has not. There are steps that need to be taken to deprive the blackmailer of the power to terrorize, silence, manipulate and bully...but no one has the gonads to take the necessary steps. So, we inch ever closer to nuclear conflagration...all on the basis of blackmail...and no one will call a halt.

The worst part of the scenario is that, in order for it to continue, the blackmailers need to focus on eliminating anyone who knows about the blackmail.... Can we all say the words "prison planet?" No, not the Alex Jones Prison Planet...the one you and I are in right now...with the blackmailers holding the keys.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Saudi Arabia detonates nuclear bombs in Yemen

Nuclear Bomb detonation in Yemen

This is the way WWIII starts. "Tactical" neutron bombs detonated in Yemen by Saudi Arabia.  Don't worry, they're just little bombs...and, most importantly, they're "tactical".  Watch for this word to be used as a buzzword whenever civilians are bombed by these smaller they are currently being bombed in Yemen.  Where did the bombs come from?  Some say USrael and some say PakUStan.

You see, the military establishment has to test out these new weapons on live populations.  Yemen is a good choice...a small poor country with a subsistence population that nobody cares about.  Test the weaponry--and then it will be brought to a city in a country near you...but don't worry.  It's only a "tactical" weapon.

FIFA Political football .... wrap up? Or, just end of first half?

UPDATE:  June 2, 2015 Sepp Blatter suddenly resigns.  Is he being blackmailed?  We know everyone else with any degree of power is.  Money threatened to be withdrawn unless Blatter resigned?  That's Blackmail!!!

2018 World Football Championship Games in Russia

Just browsing through the Internet reaction to the vote in Zurich yesterday to re-elect Sepp Blatter President of FIFA I note there has been more or less an ominous silence from the usual sources.  The pro Blatter forces are commenting on this win:

And let's look at the Western media claim that the Blatter's win in the election "demonstrated the huge divisions at the congress". The result of the vote was 133 votes to 73. i.e. Blatter got almost 65%, an almost 2/3 majority, yet this is touted by the scurrilous Western media as "huge division". In the UK, Prime Minister David Cameron recently 'won' the general election with a 'majority government' with less than 25% of the national vote, and with the approval of just 1/3 of those who voted! Yet Cameron repeatedly declares that obvious statistical lie that he has been given a "clear mandate."

Then there was a supportive editorial coming out of the Chinese media...which divides the parties to the controversy down Moscow Victory Day Parade lines:

“We must not neglect the political background, the “coincidence”, the timing, and the basic logic of the US-led action on FIFA. After all, the U.S.-Russian relations have fallen to a post-Cold War low following their conflicts in Crimea and in eastern Ukraine, and considering the U.S. also has possible interests if 2018 and 2022 World Cup hosting nations change due to the scandal of FIFA, one can not rule out that US may capitalize on the anti-corruption against FIFA as a plan to “kill two birds with one stone”: berating Russia ideologically on the World Cup Russia 2018 in the next three years, and making considerable profits from a possible change of World Cup hosting nation, and at least, to revenge their defeat by Qatar in the 2022 World Cup bidding,” said the Xinhua editorial.
The desert nation of Qatar beat out the United States as the 2022 World Cup host in a humiliating setback for the US Soccer Federation, which spent millions of dollars on its bid and brought over former President Bill Clinton for its closing presentation in 2010.

This last paragraph above was very interesting.  I did not know that Qatar had beaten out the US. (I don't follow Football (Soccer) just geopolitics : )   I was aware that the UK has offered to take the games if Russia were to be disqualified from holding them. I guess the thinking is that the UK and US would hold games for their vassal states.  This is what I still think will happen. 

 “The unprecedented U.S.-led action has problems in jurisdiction and sends out a dangerous signal of taking judicial actions directly on an international organization by just one or two nations. FIFA is an international sports organization, which is not suitable for unilateral actions. If U.S. set an example, other international organizations face similar situations in the future,” it warned.The editorial also cautioned that if the West re-issues a boycott appeal against the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia like it did during the Moscow Olympics in 1980, it “will hurt the sport to a great extent"...

Like I say, there has been an ominous silence from the "official sources" on the Russian victory in the FIFA election yesterday. My analysis is that the Cabal's effort to de throne Blatter was only the opening volley. This was their effort to "play by the rules". Future efforts will be  decidedly more pre-emptive and false flagish.  Bottom line...I read recently that Russia was setting up "training centres" in the Russian cities that will be hosting the games...and has invited England, as an example, to come and train in the cities. I can't see that happening. I hope I'm wrong....but if that were to happen it would be diametrically opposed to the rigorously enforced "they don't exist" pre-conflict doctrine of the PTB.

Oh, and it is very important to note that the US was pointedly saying that it holds the TV rights to the Games in both North and South America.  The implied threat was that there would be no TV coverage if the US does not get its way.  How DID the US get control of the TV rights to all the countries in the Western Hemisphere anyway?  Stay tuned....

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Omar Kadhr: Out from the Shadows...a documentary review

UPDATE:  May 29, 2015  Here is an opinion piece on the documentary from the Toronto Star.  I believe the hardest part of Kadhr's adjustment will come when he attempts to come to terms with the truth about 9/11...the event that propelled him into a war zone and that killed his father.  When he realizes that 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated by monstrous elements in the US Government, military and the Mossad...that's when the true test of his courage to overcome adversity will take place.

Omar Kadhr, Canadian

When you see Omar Kadhr's broken little body, lying twisted and half buried in the rubble of the destroyed building in can't believe the 15 year old boy survived. Even the US soldiers could not believe he survived the carpet bombing from the air that preceded the firefight. His upper chest had two massive open wounds and he was covered in blood. His face was seared by the explosions that took one eye and seriously injured the other. The army medics treated his wounds. He was unconscious for a week and has little memory of what happened.

But he survived and was flown to Guantanamo, Cuba...shackled to the floor of the airplane.  He was forced to wear earmuffs, goggles and a hood on his head for the entire flight. The CBC documentary allows Kadhr to describe his emotions before, during and after the events that took place in Afghanistan. Kadhr has just been released from a Canadian prison and is currently living in the family home with his long time lawyer, the lawyer's wife and some big, friendly dogs. Kadhr still has to wear an electronic shackle on his ankle. Throughout the documentary, he seems relaxed, smiles a lot (a wonderful smile) and is amazingly candid about some soul destroying experiences. At one point he admits he's still adjusting and predicts that sooner or later he will just...."crawl under my bed and cry my eyes out".

The documentary film makers interviewed several US soldiers who dealt with Kadhr and/or knew others that did during his years in Guantanamo. One says when asked his opinion of Kadhr, a guard called him a "rock star". Well, I don't know what the soldier meant by that...but I can agree. There is something about Kadhr...he has a charisma. He is extremely literate and well spoken with a philosophical quality reflected in his ideas. Perhaps that's why Stephen Harper is so afraid of him.

I have always voiced support for this young man who was victimized by so many "who should know better" his lawyer so aptly put it. As a former social worker, I felt the injustice being done to this child...who was criminally subjected to illegal treatment by two countries. The worst individual in the documentary is the CSIS man who is heard off screen talking to Kadhr while Khadr is sobbing in the Guantanamo cell. Kadhr is saying that he has physical pain in his shoulder...and the CSIS guy is pooh poohing it..."Looks to me like you're getting excellent medical care.". Kadhr, by the way, was subjected to waterboarding, sexual abuse and something they call being a "human mop". Where he was forced to urinate on the floor and then roll around in the urine to clean it up.

I highly recommend watching this video documentary when it becomes available on the Internet. For the first time in a very long time, I was proud to be a Canadian again. Proud because Kadhr is also, after all, a Canadian and, yes...he IS a rock star! (whatever that means).

US accepts diagnosis of "hegemonic nutbar" as price needed to deny Russia 2018 FIFA games

Dog in the Manger

Many blogs are picking up on the geostrategic significance of the USrael's full frontal attack on FIFA (say that fast 10 times :)

Most of the time, these disgusting, puerile little games are played behind closed doors and under the table.  It's a sign of desperation that it has broken into the open, with the FBI investigation and US Department of Justice's publicly laying of charges (and saying the accused were "guilty" prior to trial) before a full court main$ream media press conference yesterday.

The inmates are not only running the asylum...they're trying to take over the world....of sport.  How many national and international laws, legal principles and tenets did the Department of Justice's press conference break yesterday? Let me count the ways...oh never mind....

The USrael is failing in its do or die mandate to deny Russia the 2018 games--so, as a last ditch's throwing a tantrum....tossing the diplomatic and legal furniture around....and basically letting the world know it's a 'mad dog'....capable of more they better mind....

Watch this whole slapstick comedy suddenly morph into an extension of the NATO/EU "sanctions" against Russia to include the 2018 and counting...

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

UPDATED: 2018 World Soccer Cup in Russia???

UPDATE: May 28, 2015 - Further update on this breaking story.  Putin comments on US efforts to force FIFA president to resign...and to steal the World Championship Football (aka Soccer in the US) games from Russia!

UPDATE: May 27, 2015 - this story has some interesting twists and turns.  Here blogger Richard Edmondson reports on the threat Israel faces re expulsion from FIFA (for violence against Palestinian footballers) and the theory that the US's is making a pre-emptive strike against FIFA on Israel's behalf.  

Russia awarded 2018 World Football (Soccer in the US) Championship

I've had this post in a holding pattern in my "Drafts" for some months now.... but today's the day I bring it out.  Today's the day the US Department of "Justice" has reported on its investigation (just think of the benefits if the Justice Dept had applied its skills and energy to investigating the "put options"/"short selling" on 9/11) into alleged FIFA corruption over awarding 2018 Championship games to Russia. The other shoe has dropped. The first shoe dropped the moment Russia was awarded the games. The PTB were doubt some bureaucratic heads rolled due to their failed effort to rig the FIFA vote to deny Russia the games.You see...Russia having any big international event is verboten. It goes against the very fiber of elite Atlanticist thinking.  Their modus operendi is: First, you deny the target state's very existence as a separate entity...Then, you attack and destroy. Giving Russia the games is anathema to this essential doctrine. The powers that be simply cannot allow the games to take place in Russia....and you gotta know these guys will NEVER give up their efforts to scuttle the games.

Remember when Russia had the Olympics in Moscow in 1980? The US came up with a flimsy excuse why the entire western part of the world needed to boycott the event (How about Russia's military involvement in Afghanistan at the time?).  Remember when Russia had the Olympics in Sochi and, when denigrating them didn't work...the US/Israel/NATO used the event to blindside Putin with a fascist coup right on his doorstep, in Ukraine? Well...things have got a lot more tense since then. The stakes are much higher and the effort to scuttle the 2018 games will be fierce. Don't rule out a false flag or some other such desperate and/or violent behaviour. They simply cannot allow Russia to be regarded as an independent and sovereign nation, capable of hosting an international event. It would be tantamount to allowing Canada to vote against nuclear non-proliferation at the UN...and you know how impossible that would be!

"Poroshenko calls on West to boycott the 2018 games"

It will be interesting to see how this geostrategic war of the worlds will play out. The US is up against a formidable wall of resistance. Cancel the 2018 FIFA world championship of football? Well....that ain't gonna happen.  I think the US/Israel just doesn't understand how much football (Soccer in North America) trumps politics in Europe. The European public would have their leaders' heads on a platter if the games didn't go ahead.  Russia knows doubt Putin is laughing up his sleeve at the contortions the West is going through to scuttle the games.  Here is the report that has US Senator McCain writing a letter to FIFA to cancel the Russian games over Ukraine.

The aspect of this tragi-comedy that frustrates the West more than anything is that, even if the US and its vassal states (including Canada) pull out of the games on some pretext or another...which they will inevitably will make no difference at all to the success of the games. The US is a non-entity when it comes to is Canada. Nobody cares if they go or not.

No...the US/Israel has to be a dog in the manger...lie down in the straw to prevent the cows from enjoying the feast. It has to...and that's just the way it is.  Stay tuned.

Dog in the Manger

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Animal Communicator

Throughout history, humans have tried to communicate with animals.  Here's a typical example of what happens.  Last year, a woman in Terrace Bay, Ontario, Canada tried to communicate with a lynx:

"Here Kitty Kitty"

Obviously, the young woman's efforts to communicate with the lynx in the video above went nowhere....but note the intelligent patience and forbearance of the lynx! Below, is a video about another woman--with an uncanny ability to communicate with all sorts of wildlife...from birds to baboons.  It's a fascinating video--with an amazing ending.  I highly recommend taking the time to sit down and watch it.  Thanks to Morris108 for drawing my attention to it:

The Animal Communicator

As a pet owner (three dogs and fourteen birds!) I've known for a long time that animals are very smart....much smarter than the not-so-smart humans give them credit for. You can develop the ability to communicate with animals, birds and even fish--on a deep and intuitive level, although I'm nowhere near what the young woman in the above video is at in terms of communication. I have to confess, however, that I never pass a crow on my walks around the neighbourhood without saying hello.

It's long past time that humans took protection of animal and all life on this planet more seriously. The recent movement to accord "personhood" and accompanying legal rights to animals is certainly one step...but with our constitution, courts and legal system being eroded and corrupted at a galloping pace...what does this actually mean? With recent developments--like the militarism of police forces, even humans and society aren't protected by laws anymore.

Still, even small steps are worth while. In the documentary interview about the population of Germany's suffering at the end of WWII that I linked to a few posts ago...the documentary film makers took the extra step of mentioning the suffering that animals endured during the war. I was moved by that effort to expand our compassion beyond humanity.

Philosophers have long identified the fundamental truth--that our ability to care for (and communicate with) the most vulnerable--is the truest measuring stick of our own value and worthiness to exist on this planet.

Monday, May 25, 2015

CawRANT Events #6

Caw RANT Events #6

It's a miserable, cold and rainy Monday on the Wet Coast....time for a RANT!  As I've previously observed, there never seems to be a shortage of rantable (or rantacious) topics.  The first one is about my erstwhile democratic homeland, CANADA.  Canada again voted in the UN along with the Marshall Islands (it has about the same amount of sovereignty) against something it used to hold dear...nuclear non-proliferation. Canada gets told how to vote by foreign powers and that's how it votes.  The idea of representing the views of Canadians never even crosses Stephen Harper's tiny MK Ultra pea brain.

It really makes you disgusted with politicians. Speaking of which... Hillary and Jeb...why are they even still in the running for president of the United States? Nobody wants these re-cycled mobsters from longstanding crime families. Neither has any significant following. The fact these two are still front runners is proof positive that the United States of America political farce is running on fumes. There is no gas left in the democratic tank. In days gone by there were only two options when a nation bottomed out like this...revolution and/or dissolution.  It would be karma to see the US dissolved into tiny Balkan-style statelets....all fighting with one they and their Ziomasters have been creating elsewhere, all over the globe.

I wouldn't count them out just yet however. Just when you think there are no vertebrates left in the halls of US political find a video like the one below...where a politician named Dan Burton cross-examines the purveyors of the Big Pharma vaccination hoax.  He asks just one simple question..."Have they ever been tested?"  I won't give the answer....I'll leave it as a teaser....

Yes, the US/UK, it's military vassal NATO and it's Ziofascist masters have been up to their usual stunts all over the globe. France was recently assigned the "Assassinate Assad" project. Regime change via hell with democracy! France wants to assassinate Assad? For some reason, France always gets the sh!t jobs in NATO. Remember when they were assigned to blow up the Greenpeace ship that was protesting nuclear proliferation in the South Seas? Nuclear power only has one real purpose on a diabolical weapon of war and global destruction. Nuclear energy has always been heavily subsidized by governments (aka, unknowing taxpayers) is not a cost-effective energy source and never has been.

Case in point...the ancient dilapidated nuclear power plants in Ukraine. Remember Chernobyl? According to recent news reports, nuclear waste in Ukraine being mishandled...what a coinkydynk! close to the Russian border too! Apparently, the US has also stepped up the building of biological warfare laboratories in Ukraine.  The rest of the country is in a war-torn shambles...but Ukraine gets spanking new biological warfare laboratories.  Sometimes it makes you want to bang your head against a wall.

So, I'm going to close this RANT with something completely different. I'm watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs on TV....and an old yearning has been resurrected in my heart (as it does every year at this time : {.  I would love to see a hockey league (CHL) with only Canadian teams...from coast to coast and in the northern territories.  Just like the CFL (Canadian Football League). I have always asked the question:

"Why is Canada not allowed to have a national league for its own national sport?

...but there is no satisfactory answer. Right now the "National" Hockey League Stanley Cup is being fought over by Chicago, Anaheim, New York and Florida.  I say, give the US the Stanley Cup and the NHL. Canadian teams will never be able to thrive economically in that market...thus we will rarely attract the kind of players needed to win the cup.  Let them have that league...and let Canada form a new league with teams from small centres like St. Johns, Newfoundland and Moose Jaw Saskatchewan. Hey, we could even have a team from my hometown, Sudbury, Ontario! Think about it... The Sudbury Wolves gone national!

The best part about such a League is that we would get rid of that slimy little weasel, Gary Bettman. We would never have to look at his little rat face again!

That's it for this Rant....until the next time.....

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Elaborately constructed Piles of Manure are signs of wealth in some cultures

Elaborately Constructed Pile of Manure

Believe it or not, in some primitive cultures, elaborately constructed piles of manure are considered signs of wealth. Lots of these piles in a village mean the people are very wealthy. There is the same mentality/value system in the West's desperation to publish elaborate lies about what the cabal is doing in the Middle East. Let's be clear. From the very beginning of the West's relentless destruction of the Muslim countries and culture of the middle east, [since 1946?] the goal has been to divide and conquer all the countries into helpless Balkan-style states. This will reconfigure the map to give Israel a very big and commanding control of the land, government and resources. That's the unassailable truth. Everything else is an elaborately concocted lie.
Lately, it's been getting ludicrous, as Internet blogger James Corbett observed in a short video editorial today. ISIS/ISIL whatever, has a new glossy publication to disseminate its propaganda lies. A report in a recent edition is decrying "conspiracy theorists" for stealing its terror thunder. ISIS (Israel Security and Intelligence Services) is saying some "conspiracy theorists" are insisting the non-stop violence in the middle east is a western/CIA/Mossad "inside job"--thus denying ISIS/ISIL their due respect as terrorists. This piece of dung is carefully arranged atop all the other excrement, i.e., the US "accidentally" supplying ISIS with weaponry, etc. and helping ISIS,  i.e., friendly fire bombing of Iraqi soldiers by the US, followed by mock concern how Iraqis are unwilling to fight ISIS

Well, I suppose they have to provide meaningful work for all the highly paid factotems in the Pentagon and Tel Aviv....scribbling lies for glossy Internet magazines--in order to 'drill the message". The truth is...ordinary citizens in the west and throughout the world are getting tired and bored of these efforts. We're tired of seeing and smelling all the elaborately constructed dung heaps in our main$tream media. We've turned off the M$M in droves. Even surfing the TV channels looking for reno and sports shows...we sometimes inadvertently hit upon a "news" channel--and the dung comes flying out at us from the screen! We gag and can't hit the "channel up" button fast enough. 

It's come down to telling lies about the lies--that are about other lies. The "inside job" has become an inside joke. 

Friday, May 22, 2015

Germany and Japan: Two countries chafing at the bit of post WWII occupation

Japanese protestors speaking out against American military occupation

One of the most popular topics I've covered in this blog is the continued US military occupation of both Germany and Japan. This military occupation has been going on for nearly 70 years, since the end of WWII. Since both both Germany and Japan were historical economic rivals to the west, particularly the US, one could almost conclude that WWII was at least partially conducted to neutralize the hegemonic and economic threat that both countries presented. The US profited enormously from rebuilding the countries (under the Marshall Plan) after the war and has gained incalculable advantages from maintaining military bases in the hearts of both Europe and Asia. The muted opposition in both Germany and Japan to continued foreign occupation can be credited to the highly successful main$tream media demonization of both countries during and post WWII. Both countries were completely defeated, militarily, spiritually, physically and economically.

Germany and Japan beginning to re-grow spines

But, as generations succeed generations and war memories fade...the hegemonic masters need to come up with new reasons to maintain occupation. Japan has long wanted US military bases off its limited land base and to reassert its own foreign relations with its neighbours, including China and Korea. Germany's population is slowly regaining their pride--and learning that much of the history that has kept their heads hung down has been concocted...for just that purpose. Watch and listen to this woman, who lived through WWII and is now in her 80's, finally speaking out about the suffering the Germans endured during and at the end of the war...and the lies that have been told about what happened.

Ursula Haverbeck speaks out about War Atrocities
 committed against the Germans by the Allies during and after WWII

Back in the 70's I worked with a German immigrant woman who kept to herself and was a very good worker. One day, something happened that upset her deeply...I can't remember what it was now. She came over to my desk and stood in front of me shaking and in tears. She said in a whisper "You don't know what we Germans went through at the end of the war. "They" came to our village one day, dragged us out of our homes and we were homeless from then on." I think I must have mumbled some comforting remark...she nor I ever mentioned the topic again. It was "verboten".

Germany, Japan...and the US itself, have been plagued with intermittent, chronic terror events in the decades post war. Japan had poison gas attacks in its subways and, of course, the horrific world wide terror event...the Stuxnet/under ocean nuke/Fukushima attack. Germany had the Munich Olympic terror attack a few decades ago...and the recent Germanwings take-down of one of its passenger planes. Of course, the US secret government did the 9/11 atrocity...and continues to terrorize its own population to maintain control of the military/industrial megalith that it uses to bully the world. A former high level CIA official recently stated that "every single terrorist attack in the US was a false flag attack.

One factor that has changed in recent months...and has created a "sea change" in the post WWII the rise of Russia and BRICS. Now, both Germany and Japan have an alternative economic and possibly military option to consider when attempting to increase their self sufficiency and independence. Will the secret government of the US continue to keep them down by force? Or, will it change tack and return to the "bait" it originally and historically used to gather other countries under the US umbrella.  In days gone by, the US was a beacon of freedom--that drew other countries to admire it...not by fear or the threat of never-ending wars. Now it's Russia that is supporting the mandate of the UN and rule of international law--among equal nations.

Germany and Japan have two of the most dynamic cultures and economies in human history. It's only inevitable that these two cultures are going to reassert themselves. We're entering a new era. The re-emergence of Germany and Japan as equal nations will require a wise and patient win/win approach by the traditional world powers. It will also require a final rejection by the US of the hubristic notion of a uni-polar world. The only question is...can it be done peacefully?     

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Are corporations now our enemies?

UPDATE:  June 1, 2015 Paul Craig Roberts Has a post about the Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty on his blog this morning that nails the threat that overweaning corporatism poses to humanity.  It's a must read.

UPDATE:  May 20, 2015 Breaking News: "Five of the world's largest banks are to pay fines totalling $5.7bn (£3.6bn) for charges including manipulating the foreign exchange market. Query....Do Banks feel shame, isolation, humiliation or (since they have a license to print money) financial hardship? THIS is why corporations should never be considered as legal "persons" under the law.

Scene from 'The Wall" by Pink Floyd 
"Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains." -- Thomas Jefferson Letter to Horatio G. Spafford (17 March 1814)
 “It’s ridiculous to talk about freedom in a society dominated by huge corporations.” -Chomsky
 security guard recently told me he didn’t know how much he’d be earning from week to week because his firm kept changing his schedule and his pay. “They just don’t care,” he said.
A traveler I met in the Dallas Fort-Worth Airport last week said she’d been there eight hours but the airline responsible for her trip wouldn’t help her find another flight leaving that evening. “They don’t give a hoot,” she said.
Someone I met in North Carolina a few weeks ago told me he had stopped voting because elected officials don’t respond to what average people like him think or want. “They don’t listen,” he said.
What connects these dots? As I travel around America, I’m struck by how utterly powerless most people feel.
The companies we work for, the businesses we buy from, and the political system we participate in all seem to have grown less accountable. I hear it over and over: They don’t care; our voices don’t count.   Robert Reich

Why do people living in the west now feel so powerless? One of the reasons, IMO, is that big corporations have begun to act like fifth columns in all countries. Although corporations under the law have many of the legal rights and privileges as individuals (if not more), they are not motivated to work for the betterment of society. They only look after their own welfare and collude with their friends/mentors/puppets in government and the military/industrial complex. Everyone is aware of how big corporations have off-shored all the good jobs in North America but few have examined how they have colluded in the government crime and corruptions (including the 9/11 false flag atrocity) of the past decades. Did corporations ever stand up for truth or justice? NO! In fact, when whistleblowers such as journalist Michal Hastings got too close to the truth, corporate high tech sabotage may have caused his death. The NSA spying could not have reached such depths of depravity without the collusion of corporations such as Samsung (Samsung TV that watches and listens in on us).

Pharmaceutical companies have always been one of the biggest offenders. Consider the huge vaccination industry, that is is looting and killing Americans.  Consider that it has now finally been reluctantly admitted on the back pages of the corporate-owned main$tream media that vaccine causes autism. Big Pharma companies go back decades in their wanton destruction of humanity.  Do some research into the connection between the huge Bayer corporation and poison gas during WWI and WWII. Bayer made a killing, literally and figuratively..,.and now it wants to treat your headache!

Just when you think that corporations can't get more exploitative or powerful...government reaches under the table, holds hands with corporations giving them even more trade agreements!  The Trans Pacific Partnership is a deal that has been worked out entirely in secret. Apparently it will even have a clause where corporations can sue governments! Political leaders dare not tell the electorate what's in the TPP, but if it's anything like NAFTA we can guess that jobs will become scarcer, the borders will become even more laden with time wasting bureaucractic "security" and prices will be even higher. I do believe TPP will be NAFTA on steroids.

Corporations have become the problem, rather than the solution. The corporate mind who decided to spread the chemical agent Corexit on the Gulf Horizon oilspill, thus making it even more a typical example.  Who made this decision? How did they get away with it?  Finally....can they sleep at night? People in the west have the feeling we're becoming trapped and kept hostage in our own land. There have been rumours that the huge box store Wal-Mart is somehow involved in the upcoming military "drill" Jade Helm. Crazy as it may seem...the rumours are that the huge store, which like all retail stores is in financial palling up with the military to use its stores to provide "hubs' to coral people in the event of a 'crisis".  "The customer is always right" has been replaced by "Anything for the bottom line" as a corporate motto.

Some sociologists suggest that long term social problems like racism and inner city violence result from the depredations of unchecked corporatism.  It makes common sense that treating humanity poorly results in social dysfunction. Who can respect corporations, when big corporate millionaires such as George Soros owe millions in taxes? Government itself is one of the biggest sources of corporate welfare.  Corporations are feasting off the public sector...and YOUR tax dollars.

What are the solutions to rampant and unchecked corporatism? I have said many times on this blog...I don't think taking to the streets in public demonstrations is the answer anymore because....every single protest demonstration nowadays is targeted by the cointel riot provocateurs. One solution is to fight back using the of the few weapons that the corporatists understand. Boycott offending corporations and become more self-sufficient and less dependent on the "machine" generally.  I suggest staying at home two days per week (Tuesdays and Thursdays?) and not buying anything.  Make it clear this is being done to regain control over our lives, society and the economy...which has been wrested away from us by unbridled corporatism. Humanity has to fight back, because the longer corporations are allowed to grow like weeds...dandelions and buttercups...the more they will morph and spread. The next stage coming up, after global "free trade" is even more terrifying and anti-humane.  Futurists like Stephen Hawking predict that corporations will build robots to replace humans and then the robots will kill humans.

"Big Time" sung by Peter Gabriel

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Putin plays hockey, scores 8 goals and even got into a "hockey fight"

UPDATE:  May 18, 2015 - Not to be outdone by Putin, The Lapine is reportering that Canadian Prime Minister Harper has scored NINE goals in street ball the details here.

UPDATE:  May 17, 2015  In other Hockey news:  "Hockey world championship: Canada cruises to gold over Russia" 
Putin Playing Hockey

Putin plays hockey, scores 8 goals and even gets into "hockey fight"

MOSCOW — Russian President Vladimir Putin has played in an exhibition hockey game and scored one goal after another on assists from retired NHL players.
Putin’s team won 18 to 6, with eight of those goals made by the 62-year-old president, most of them on assists from NHL stars Pavel Bure and Valeri Kamensky.
Three of the remaining goals were scored by Russia’s defence minister.
The game was played Saturday in Sochi, the city that hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics, and concluded shortly before Russia played the U.S. in a semifinal of the ice hockey world championships.
During his 15 years as Russia’s leader, Putin has frequently displayed his athletic skills, most notably in judo and swimming. He took up hockey only in recent years to promote the sport.

What was that old joke?  Suppose you went to a fight....and a hockey game broke out?  lol

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Are there Aliens among us on Earth?

UPDATE:  May 18, 2015  Here is a new link about aliens and UFO's.  I haven't watched it yet but the review by WRH says  "This documentary concurs with my own theory about the UFO craze; that it is an elaborate and long-running hoax to conceal top secret aircraft development by the US military."

Are there Aliens among us on Earth?

This is a question humans have asked from time immemorial...from the time when homo sapien first became capable of thinking past his or her immediate survival and to ponder the stars.  Are we alone in the universe?  I think the chances of earth being the only repository of life must, mathematically at least, be quite slim.  I do believe that by the law of averages, there MUST be other planets capable of sustaining life and that do sustain life. That being is a far cry from planets in the universe being able to sustain life to having aliens walking among us. But the questions persist. Here's a video where they talk about Russia having "Men in Black" dealing with aliens...just like in the movie of the same name.

Russians have their own "Men in Black"

The military man in the video even closely resembles actor Tommy Lee Jones, 

Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, stars of sci-fi comedy "Men in Black" of the stars of "Men in Black".  This uncanny resemblance probably goes more to the point of Hollywood trying to resemble reality than there being aliens...but that's another post.  

Truther Carol Valentine * was quoted the other day as having said "There are no aliens, just demons." I agree with that view.  Here is a video of a rabbi telling some Israeli soldiers that Jews are aliens from another universe. I'm not joking...that's exactly what he says: Rabbi talks about Jews as aliens from another universe. If this is the general tenor of sermons given by wonder the world is in the state it's in. You really need to take the time to listen to this explains a lot!

But, back to the topic of aliens...Man is still quite primitive when it comes to space exploration. As I've stated several times on this blog, I don't believe that man has ever been to the moon, or even outside the gravitational pull of earth. For a large spaceship, capable of carrying a crew, to break free of the gravitational pull of earth would not only take enormous rocket energy--far beyond what man has thus far devised...but it would force the astronauts to travel through the Van Allen radiation belts....belts that even NASA has contradictorily described as being an impediment to humans going to the moon. Here are some links about the Apollo hoax. You can also search back through my posts to find more links and information about the Apollo hoax.

Here's a link about a New Study says that astronauts attempting to travel to outer space (through and beyond the Van Allen Radiation Belts) would be exposed to radiation particles that can cause dementia....Oops!!!

So, with all the lies we've been fed from NASA and Hollywood about space and the possibility of aliens among us...humans have become very vulnerable to being terrorized by another outer space hoax like the Apollo hoax.  Unlike the relatively benign Apollo "distraction" hoax...this one would up the ante of terror--with aliens. There's a rumour such an event is already in the works and has been called "Project Blue Beam". This is no doubt something the PTB have concocted and readied for the time when humans might become overly obstreperous. "Terrorize the hell out of them with extraterrestrials!" There was an early "trial" effort made in this direction years ago with the radio program put on by Hollywood actor Orson Welles called "War of the Worlds". Think what the perps could do with all the advances in film and graphics...including holograms!  If something happened like that...we'd be hard pressed to know if it were true or just another hoax.  And of course the sheeple would just lap it all up!

Once I scared myself:

Here's a link to a series of three interviews with a woman who calls herself A'shayana Deane.  Deane discusses something she calls 'Ascension Mechanics".  A few years ago, I sat down and watched all the interviews (filmed by Kerry Cassidy of the now defunct website Project Camelot). I must say, the hair on the back of my neck stood up when I tried to follow A'sheyana's "logic" down a very weird rabbit hole indeed.  I even scared myself : )

In summary, to answer my own question...Are there aliens here on earth?  I have to say I just don't know.  I believe there's other life in the universe.  But has it touched down here?  Let's just say I would be highly skeptical of any government or main$tream media reports of such an event...considering how we've been lied to through the years.  It would be far more likely that the "Usual Demons" would use Hollywood/main$tream media to scare the hell out of humanity...than that there would be this point in human history, at least.


*NB:  Re respected writer and truther Carol Valentine. It was Carol who first came up with the "Bumbleplanes theory" of 9/11...i.e., remote controlled planes flew into the towers.  Carol must be ruffling a few feather of the PTB because there's been a serious effort by the usual search engines to obscure her links. Here is the link where I first read her work, Serendipity

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Canadian Politics Update

Note:  I have updated my Greencrow Creative Resources Page with some Artwork #11 - May 14, 2015 - Two Carved "Love Spoons"


UPDATE:  May 14, 2015  Breaking News:  For the first time in months if not years, the New Democratic Party has topped the Liberals in a Federal public opinion poll. IMO, this is a direct result of Justin Trudeau's support of the hated C-51 Security Bill. See below for more info.

NDP Tom Mulcair, Conservative Stephen Harper and Liberal Justin Trudeau
Three Choices for Canadians

Just a brief update on what is happening in Canada with a federal election slated to happen in the fall. Here are some poll numbers taken in March that show Trudau and Mulcair topping...Harper but with critical regional swings that need to be factored in.

I enjoyed The Lapine's take on Justin Trudeau's chances.   According to the link, voters are just hoping that "...being a spineless wimp is part of Justin's clever strategy".

A more serious analysis comes from the Honeybadger press...which states the obvious. Harper has cynically stolen from the bulging EI (Employment Insurance--funds that working Canadians are obliged by law to pay into) in order to crow that he has "balanced the pre-election budget".

Here's a good question asked by the Canadian truther blog "Press for Truth":  Are Canadian politicians "owned" by foreign countries?  DUH!  
Not only are Canadian politicians owned by foreign countries, Canada is a top sponsor (by way of CSIS) of Ukraine Nazism.

Lastly, but certainly not least....the electorate is in a state of collective shock and mourning over the passage of the draconian "Patriot Act"-style security legislation. A week or more ago, the legislation called C-51 passed a vote in the Canadian Parliament....with support from Conservatives and Liberals.  Bye Bye Justin.

Well, folks...that's your update for summary..."Situation Hopeless but Not Serious"...or, more accurately stated....FUBAR.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Urah! Urah! Urah!

Russian Military on Parade in Red Square, Moscow
Saturday, May 9, 2015

One of the most electrifying moments in the Russian Military Parade Spectacular that was held in Moscow last Saturday, May 9, 2015, was the moment when Putin shouted the war cry: "Urah! to the assembled thousands of soldiers and they repeated the cry back to him three times...Red Square reverberated with the roar. You can watch that moment at the 57 to 104 second point at this video of the entire parade. YouTube will not allow me to upload the video of the parade onto my blog. Curious.

In any got me to thinking and wondering about the origin of the war cry Urah! So I looked it up on Wikipedia. Naturally, the description says it dates back to the US marines. What a joke! Like the Russians would use a war cry originating with the US marines. So I researched a bit more and discovered that the origin of the war cry Urah! probably comes from the Turkish military and the Turkish words "Now...Hit!" Well, that certainly makes more sense. The Turks are notoriously rapacious and effective warriors.  I remember a legend that a Turkish army once turned the waters of a lake red with the blood of their victims. That is why the Turkish flag is bright red.

Looking up more information about battle or war cries, I found a few more:

Battle Cry

"... The Russian version, "Urah!" has been used by the Imperial Russian Army, the Red Army and is still used by the Russian Ground Forces."

Sioux War song

Cherokee War Cry

and even this highly interesting Archival video of US Civil War Veterans giving the "Rebel Yell"

What struck me about the theatre (because that's what it is) of the Putin/Russian war cry was the almost "off hand" body language and tone of voice when Putin uttered the word Urah! he was giving an order to one of his well loved dogs....
Putin with one of his well-loved dogs

....and the equally dramatic, enthusiastic and loyal response from the thousands of assembled soldiers. Putin was delivering a clear message that he is a consummate war commander....and the soldiers were delivering the message they were ready to fight and follow Putin to the death. This double message should strike terror into the minds of the neocon, globalist, Satan-worshiping warmongers.  But likely not.  

The west's main$tream media provides the west's response: Here is the BBC in high disinformation mode...dismissing the Russian celebrations and pushing the confrontation/war agenda relentlessly forward.

Only those who have experienced war know the horrors.  Here is a video of an old Russian soldier warning the young about the horrors of war:  Facing the War .  Again, YouTube will not allow it to be uploaded directly.  Russians know about war and that is why Putin is trying so hard to avoid it.  A few voices in the west speak Journalist Paul Craig Roberts regularly tries to warn the west about the proximity of the world to Nuclear War.

Coincidentally, or not, a seminal documentary about WWII was released last week called "Hellstorm". I sat down and watched the entire documentary the other night and would recommend it as "Must View" to all truthers out there.  Not that I agree with everything in the documentary.  Like all "histories" it can be selective.  For applauds General George Patton as the only western leader who spoke out against the atrocities being done to the defeated Germans (civilians and soldiers). What the documentary film makers conveniently leave that Patton wanted to make nice with the they could join together and continue the march east to "finish off the Russians".

"Hellstorm", is the first effort to describe and document the war crimes committed against the Germans and, as such, it is a powerful anti-war message to all.  None of the allies are spared...neither the Russians (whose "Mongol soldiers" were the most savage rapists and looters of the war) nor the West who were the most sadistic...penning up German soldiers and depriving them of water...forcing them to drink their own urine...when streams of clear, fresh water flowed just meters from the barbed wire enclosures). Nor spared were the powerful jewish oligarchs working behind both the west and Russia--in their vengeance upon the Germans.

Here's Paul Craig Roberts' on WWII.  Here are Demitry Orlov's thoughts about the chance of war both in Europe and North America.

In summary, in the display of military might and particularly the electrifying war cry "Urah!" that took place last Saturday...IMO, the Russians were delivering one last warning to the West. The newly released documentary "Hellstorm" describes just what lies in waiting for those who don't heed the warning. I heard the warning...did you?

Monday, May 11, 2015

CawRANT Events #5

CawRANT Events #5

It's another dull and gray Monday Morning and I'm in the mood to RANT!  Amazingly, there's never a shortage of topics to rant about.  The first on my list is the Canadian Army Recruitment ads on TV. I've been watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Canadian Ministry of Defense is a high paying advertiser for the hockey games. Just like in American sports...where the US military places a lot of ads. It never used to be the case in Canada, but ever since we became a five eyes vassal of the States some years ago now...everything, and I mean everything is being "harmonized".

The Cdn Military Recruitment ads depict soldiers in various war settings....running across battle fields, etc....while a solemn voice intones in the background...they are "fighting to defend our values". The ads never state what "values" require that we go somewhere else and fight.  Why do we need to kill people to defend our "values"?  Killing people in their own homeland is not a 'value" that I agree with.  Oh, and they also say the Canadian soldiers are "fighting for freedom".  Again...what kind of freedom needs to be gained by going to foreign lands and killing inhabitants?  These ads are an insult to our intelligence.. and a wasteful expense of our tax dollars.  

Next, is something I mentioned in an earlier post.  The UN should be moved out of the United States.  The United States does not recognize the UN as the arbiter of world peace anymore (if it ever did).  The US says it is an "exceptional" country that needs to rule over the world.  It can invade any country without UN approval.  So, what is the UN doing there?  I am concerned that the UN buildings are used by the CIA/FBI to surveil on foreign delegations and that the leaders/delegates could even be at physical risk in the US.  I think an island somewhere should be selected (I'm going to suggest Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean) and the UN moved there.  The Island would be declared International territory.  As a bonus, we would all finally get to see what's going on on Diego Garcia : )

Two recent happenings that I have not covered on my blog are the Recent Brit elections and the Texas shootings.  Both are frauds and rigged from the top down.  Truth bloggers don't spend much time parsing these events anymore.  Western elections are all rigged....with the possible exception of the Provincial Alberta election shocker last week...where a socialist New Democratic Party won a majority.  I'm wondering if new Alberta premier Rachel Notley has had her "Jesse Ventura" moment yet.  Jesse likes to tell the story where, after he was elected governor of Minnesota...he was called into a meeting with some federal CIA/FBI agents and questioned for hours.  He surmises they questioned him to find out how he got elected (Black Swan Event) so they could make sure it never happened again.

The Texas shooting occurred at a "cartoon contest" to see who could draw the most insulting cartoon of Mohammed.  Now, guess who organized the contest and put up the $10,000 prize?  I don't need to go any further into this false flag hoax....except to suggest that the "usual suspects" need to get a new schstick!

On one of my favourite topics--BIRDS....I read recently that the Canadian government is trying to determine what bird species can become Canada's national bird.  The Federal Government doesn't have enough to do governing anymore...because that function is done elsewhere...but can get into a tizzy looking for a bird suitable to be Canada's national symbol.  The fact of the matter is that Canada already has a bird...the ubiquitous "Canada Goose".  The Canada Goose has always been intimately associated with Canada. and should be a shoo-in for the role...but I guess Steve thinks that having a peaceful national symbol that is also associated with depositing annoying bird guano on park grass is not appropriate.  I think the Canada Goose is highly suitable...given its predilection to fly in complete formation behind other birds of its kind. 

Symbol of a charter member of the Five Eyes Vassel States

Finally, to end on a positive note...I will congratulate the Russians on their excellent 70th celebrations honouring those who gave their lives in the "Great Patriotic War" (aka WWII).  It shows what a great manager Putin is, that he put such a complex and electrifying event together and pulled it off without a hitch.  It bodes well for the 2018 World Soccer Championship, which is slated to be held in Moscow and other Russian cities.  I'm waiting for the NATO globalist warmongers to start threatening the vassal states to stay home from this event, just as they were forced to stay home from the 70th Anniversary celebrations.  Well, if they will be small loss to world soccer fans.

That's my RANT for now...Until the next time....

Friday, May 8, 2015

UPDATED: Probably The Most Important Interview I Have Ever Posted

NOTICE:  May 10, 2015  as a special Mother's day tribute to all you Mothers...I have updated my Greencrow Creative Resources Page with two sculptures I did of women way back in 1966.  Click on the link above and Enjoy!

Rocco Galati

Who is this man you ask?  Well, he's a constitutional lawyer "David" standing with a legal stone poised to kill the Goliath of the International Privately Run and Owned Bankster System. Here he is in an interview with the CBC. Watch this crucial interview, as it provides a priceless insight into the nefarious cancer on all western governments (including Canada) and what this man is doing about it. Bravo Rocco!  And, as a helpful tip...Rocco...don't fly in any small planes!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

UPDATED: All wars of the past century were actually wars against Russia

UPDATE;  May 9, 2015 Here is some coverage of the tremendous public demonstration in Russia today on the anniversary of the "Great Patriotic War" (WWII).  Here is the video of Putin's address to the crowd of estimated over 300,000,000 celebrants.  Here is the Saker's analysis.  Here is a video of the entire parade.  Now, THAT's a parade!

Putin's speech on Red Square May 9, 2015

Putin in April 2015

Tomorrow is May 8th, 2015 the beginning of the weekend big celebration in Russia honouring the anniversary of the Russian defeat of the Nazi's in what Russia regards as "The Great Patriotic War"...the west calls it WWII...(as in...we have wars and we count them). Russia is having a big parade in Moscow's Red Square. The "leaders" of the Western nations (NATO) have chosen to ignore their invitations and the western media is saying because of this that "Russia is isolated"

It is all part of an orchestrated frontal attack on the "enemy du jour", Russia. It is a well known geopolitical truism that the US and its allies (aka vassal states) and their military/industrial economy need an enemy to survive. One after another in the past two decades...ever since the "War for Resources and the US dollar" began...there have been enemies...demonized in the media and then taken out by illegal regime change military aggression. So many leaders that I won't even bother to list them here.

Now, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight...I'm starting to question whether all these minor wars weren't just pieces in a larger puzzle.  It now appears that all the wars since WWII (and possibly even beforehand) were wars against Russia.  If you look at the famous map of NATO military bases in Europe surrounding Russia ("Russia Wants War!...Look how close it's put its country to our military bases").

It seems like everything NATO has done since WWII has been in direct or indirect support of military containment of Russia.  

Take the example of the current regime change proxy war going on in the geostrategic state of Yemen. This uprising pretends to be an internal fight between tribal factions but is actually an attempt to control the entrance of a strategic water way. faction of the indigenous Yemenis seem to be in the control of the west and the other in the control of Russia. Hezbollah secretary general Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah gave a very clear update of what is going on in Yemen here. Here's another video update on the war from the Russian perspective.

Back a few weeks ago, the western controlled Saudi forces "accidentally" bombed the Russian consulate.  Damage was caused and Russians were forced to evacuate. Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said that the UN needs to stop violence in Yemen. Questions have been asked about this attack in the alternate media. Primarily, did US Centcom feed the Saudis logistical information to facilitate the bombing of the Russian consulate in Yemen?

Russia has tried to use the legal force of the UN to solve the crisis in Yemen but without success, as the US no longer recognizes the authority of the UN. (that organization [UN] should be moved out of the US...can the world not at least agree on that!?)

As fighting in Yemen intensifies Russia has called up an emergency UN Security Council session to put on pause Saudi-led coalition airstrikes for humanitarian purposes in an effort to quell the violence that is impacting civilians.
Russia insists it is necessary for the international community to discuss the establishment of regular and mandatory “humanitarian pauses” in the ongoing coalition air strikes on Yemen, Russian UN mission’s spokesman Aleksey Zaytsev told Sputnik.
Webmaster's Commentary:
This is a clever move. The US is trying to pretend they are not part of this situation in Yemen (even though they are providing targeting data and aerial refueling to the Saudi planes)but if they veto Russia's proposal at the UNSC it puts US complicity on full display to the world!

Alternate media is saying that the fight for Yemen is a fight for who controls the oil tanker route:

"...We must also not forget about exactly where Yemen is located.. Yemen is at a strategic point at the southern end of the Arabian peninsula, where the Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea meet.  Petroleum tankers destined for the European Union must go through the Straits of Bab-el-Mandeb that separates Yemen in Arabia, from Djibouti in the Horn of Africa.   Petroleum tankers must transit that important strait before entering the southern end of the Red Sea.  At the northern end of the Red Sea, these same tankers transit through the Suez Canal to enter the Mediterranean Sea, and to markets in Europe... Basically, who ever controls Yemen could easily shut off and close the Straits of Bab-el-Mandeb and prevent the tankers from reaching Europe via the Red Sea and the Suez Canal.... I stated in previous articles that this may be exactly why we see this war in Yemen at just the right time when world Petroleum prices are at a 10 year low as well as Petroleum production now exceeding storage capacities... This war in Yemen could potentially curtail shipments to Europe and thus drive up world prices, which is exactly what our criminal governments do desperately desire....."

I agree with those alternate media writers who insist the goal of the Yemen "uprising" is part of a much larger strategy of the long standing western policy of Russian Containment and eventual destruction. Russians are now being demonized in the main$tream media for everything from the US-sponsored Nazi coup/Junta in Ukraine to climate warfare! 

History is being re-interpreted to support the need to keep Russia intimidated. Dropping the atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was done to intimidate the Russians!

It appears that the two future battlefields for the war on Russia will be Ukraine and the Middle East. Watch this video of the pain of the Ukrainians--to learn that their country will be torn up yet again by the western forces--who are determined to destroy Russia:
I was Wrong!

Western independant commentator Paul Craig Roberts says the US is driving the world towards nuclear war with Russia. Yes, the project is now in full swing.  The European Union vassal states have been threatened and blackmailed into sanctioning and isolating Russia. US Secretary of State John Kerry warns EU about ending sanctions against Russia...they will pay! (i.e., blackmail)


The main purpose of the relentless ramping up of the war project against Russia, as evidenced in all the proxy wars of the past post WWII decades...up to and including the crisis in to prevent/halt the economic recovery of Russia. The current Russian renaissance has resulted from the excellent management of President Vladimir Putin. Putin has been a miracle for Russia...and the Russians seem to be well aware of it (85% popularity). He snatched Russia from the clutches of the western-controlled Russian oligarch thugs and traitors and revived it economically, socially and militarily.  What a feat!  I say that the past 15 years...and the next how many more years Putin remains in power (and, may they be many)....

"Forever Young"....dedicated to Vladimir Putin

...will be referred to as 'The Putin Era" by future historians.  Far from being the West wants...Putin has forged new alliances (BRIC) for Russia with China, India and other countries. A recent TIME magazine poll has also indicated that Putin is the most powerful person in the world today. The most amazing thing about Putin is that his vision for the world is Peace. He has said this verbally...but all his actions have indicated he is a peacemaker. To the chagrin of the warmongering neocon, globalist Satanists...Putin has presented humanity with an alternative to war.  He actually has a Plan for Peace:

Putin's Plan for Peace on Earth

Vladimir Putin’s Geopolitical Strategy For World Peace
May 5th, 2015 
Posted on April 28, 2015 by State of the Nation
SOTN Editor’s Note:
The following analysis is a critical one about the true role of Putin’s Russia in world affairs. President Putin has been grossly misrepresented by the USA and especially by the Mainstream Media. Only by understanding the following narrative will Putin’s actions, and inactions, begin to make perfect sense.
The current global geopolitical chessboard is extremely complicated and apparently chaotic. It requires a uniquely perceptive understanding in order to comprehend how Russia responds to each and every move by the Western powers. Russia knows what the USA & Company is going to do before the dunderheads in Washington do; therefore, Putin is never forced to react and is always in the position to respond appropriately.
Truly, Russia has bred a nations of consummate chess-players, while the West is still trying to figure out how to play checkers.
Vladimir Putin’s Geopolitical Strategy For World Peace. What does Putin want?
A Major Analysis by Rostislav Ishchenko
Translated from the Russian by DenisGideon, and Robin


And so, on this day before the big celebration in Russia tomorrow, let me as a Canadian first of all apologize for the lack of representation at the Russian ceremonies from the Canadian government of Stephen Harper.  Most Canadians do not support Harper's policies of supplication before the Ziofascist controllers.
Secondly, I wish Russia and Putin all the best.  Have a great celebration!