Friday, April 24, 2015

UPDATED: Wooden Shoes? Heads up for Possible False Flag

UPDATE:  May 12, 2015 Report from Texas says there are rail cars with shackles on them rolling through the countryside and Jade Helm is so secret even the participants don't know much about the dimensions of the drill.  Could the drill have something to do with the secretive Trans Pacific Partnership?

UPDATE:  April 26, 2015 DAHBOO77 is reporting that a convoy of white "government owned" buses with blacked out windows was seen moving down the highway in North Carolina.  He queries what kind of people need to be transported in such vehicles and where are they going?  

Wooden shoes are symbols of concentration camps?  Whaaaaaaat?!

According a video I have uploaded below...the logo for the upcoming JADE HELM military drills has a lot of hidden meaning....and it nooooot good.'s the logo which I first saw today:

Look in the middle of the'll see the outline of a wooden shoe.  Apparently wooden shoes are what the prisoners wore in WWII concentration camps.  According to the video below, the sword means army (weapons) and the arrows mean airforce (drones).  So, this logo is saying that the entities behind the JADE HELM drills plan to "Master the Human Domain" via army, airforce and concentration camps.  Nice.

Video explaining what the JADE HELM logo means

Like the video producer says...we need to spread this around (stupid as it may appear) in order to raise public awareness and thus head off what could be yet another false flag/terror event.  

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