Thursday, April 30, 2015

UPDATED: Who are you going to believe? The Police? Or, your own lying eyes?!

UPDATED:  May 1, 2015 Folks, you can't make this stuff up! Photos of the police officers charged have been released and the officer with the most serious charges (the van driver)...and the least black!  Here is a video of the Baltimore prosecutor reading the charges.

- Report that charges have been laid against six Baltimore police in the Freddie Gray Murder. Reviewing the first looks like the real charges have only been laid against the van driver. This is a ploy, as there was no obvious evidence of intent to injure by the van driver. OTOH, the arresting officers, who curled Freddie's legs up behind him so his heels were touching his spine, while their knees were pressing down on the back of his neck (the obvious source of the fatal injury) have been slapped with wet noodle charges. Like I said.  More than likely, no one will be held responsible for the murder. Charges have been laid against police before...but they rarely stick.

Who are you going to believe?  The Police?  Or, your own lying eyes?!

Now the Baltimore Police are trying to sell the story that Freddie was injured in the van when he hit his head on a bolt.  That's what caused the spinal injury plus the injury to his voice box (on the front of his throat?) They are denying he was injured during the arrest. Watch the above video carefully and make up your own mind.  

I'm 100% sure and have been from the outset, that the police responsible will walk away from this murder. That's the way it has to be...for whites at the top in America (and their main$tream media sockpuppets) to continue to feel power in the sociocultural dynamic. They still don't get it. The tipping point has been reached--no one believes anything they say about anything anymore.

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