Wednesday, April 8, 2015

GC's "Bitchslap" Theory gets support from Millennium Report Blog: UPDATED

UPDATE:  APRIL 13, 2015 - Could the recent air disasters be part of a ploy to replace pilots with remote controlled passenger jets?  Sounds diabolical....but then...a lot of the things that happen these days are.

Aerial photographs of  Germanwings Wreckage show the Plane was Shot Down in Mid-air and NOT Crashed as Official Version reports

Did two French fighter jets shoot down the ‘autopiloted’ Germanwings airliner?

The Germanwings crash has all the hallmarks of a CIA and MI5 false flag operation, which seems to be designed to intimidate French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and stop them adopting policies opposed to the interests of the Global banking cartel.
The motive for using  a weaponized German commercial airliner, likely captured or controlled by uninterruptible automatic pilot technology, to destroy France’s, and Europe’s, biggest dam  is obvious. It is to put enmity and mistrust between the countries at a time when France and Germany are forging a new political alliance.But the Germanwings false flag is rapidly morphing into the biggest scandal in postwar German history.  Public anger against Globalist media such as Axel Springer’s Bild and Focus has reached unprecedented heights with boycotts.


Support for GC's outrageous "Bitchslap theory" behind the germanwings False Flag comes from a blog called "The Millennium Report.

It's too bad the "Bitchslap" strategy used by the perps doesn't get public identification and recognition from other bloggers...because the embarrassment caused by calling out the use of such a venal, cowardly, tawdry [not to mention criminal] tactic might just deter the usual suspects from using it in the future.

Just because a blogger living in mother's basement thought of it...doesn't mean it's not true :)

[NOTE: I lied about the "mother's basement" part]

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