Monday, April 13, 2015

Caw RANT Events #3

Crow Caw Rant #3

It's Monday morning and .....I'm in the mood for a RANT. Well, here goes.  First item on the list is Hillary Clinton's Presidential Ambition.  As I said in an earlier post....Americans are only given the "choice" of one crime family (Bush) or another (Clinton).  The reason for this is the perps of the 9/11 coup that now controls the US are from both families.  They need to control all the "choke points" (military, judiciary, media, government) so they can prevent truth and justice from emerging.  Oh yes, they did let the robot Obomber live in the White House for 8 years, but that was just a staging event.  Now they're wanting to start WWIII and need to give no illusions who is running the show. Here's a video that expounds on the Clinton Crime family:

A Video History of the Clinton Crime Family

Just a few weeks ago there was an avalanche of negative information about Hillary [e-mails?] in the media...but that was just a phony cleansing activity, a staged let all the bad air out so if it comes up again in her campaign...she can say..."Oh, that's just old news.".  Hillary will probably "win" the (s)election.

In related news....the alternate news media is asking the question:  "Is Rand Paul subject of blackmail?"  It's difficult to say what is behind this guy.  Is he just trying to cut his ties from his daddy Ron? or is this a "divide and conquer" device...used by both parties as a cover for their staged (s)election.  They need a few political props in the least in the beginning.  Rand and Cruz are presented to the public to give the illusion of choice/inclusion.  It's all such a tired formula.  Bottom line...

--if a huge country like the US cannot come up with some fresh talent for this show...get out the hook and pull the whole lot of them off the vaudeville stage!

Next we have the recent Tarnasev show trial.  Folks, again as I've said before...the entire public discourse in the US has been reduced to "drills".  This particular false flag/hoax was a drill of the police and the judicial see whether they could control a "terror event" from soup to nuts. Everyone played their part and the drill went off without a on to the main event!  Oh and a side benefit was the further desecration of the judicial system in the US.

One of the ways we know we're living in a dystopian "reality" show is the ongoing Fukushima catastrophe,  Now scientists are saying there's a "warm blob" stagnated in the Pacific ocean [mass mammal die-offs are now a daily occurrence] but never mention "radiation".  It's really a sick black humour joke--that humans can spend billion$ on a Hadron collider rebuild....a weapon with unknown but potentially cataclysmic capabilities [note: I'm running out of adjectives to describe these atrocities]....yet Fukushima goes begging for solutions.

On a more positive note....courageous activist Ken O'Keefe is taking on the lying BBC.  Here's a great video of Ken speaking out on that and a number of other issues.  Unfortunately I am unable to upload the video directly onto my blog.  If I could speak as well as Ken does on video...I would use that medium as well.  As long as there are activists like Ken in the world...all is not lost.

Speaking of the lying BBC.  It is accusing the Czech President of disobeying US ambassador by attending Moscow WWII commemoration ceremonies.  Again, as long as there are one or two world leaders with the cajones to stand up to the evil perps that took over the US via the 9/11 coup...all is not lost.  Bravo to the Czech President!

And, finally, again on the topic of leaders....this time...the US/Israeli puppet/CIA asset Stephen Harper.  Today we learn about the latest, and most desperate, move to further the North American Union project--"Operation Maple Resolve"...just in case there are any Canadians out there who think we live in a sovereign nation. According to this report (and you will not be seeing anything about this on the CBC). Blackwater... or whatever it calls itself now.... is going to have a drill to train soldiers to "cross the border" to perform military operations. Were Canadians asked or even informed of this illegal operation (according to the Canadian constitution)?  NO!

DAHBOO77 reports on Operation Jade Helm

Stephen knows he's soooooo political toast... and needs to accomplish the task for which he was (s)elected, prior to the Canadian (s)election in November. Unless...unless...there's some intervening cataclysmic event that forestalls a trip to the ballot box for Canadians.

So many drills.....and so little time.  Well, that's it for now folks...until my next RANT!  

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