Monday, April 27, 2015

CawRANT Events #4

CawRANT Events #4

It's the dreaded Monday Morning again and time for a RANT! The first item on my RANTOGENDA is Hollywood.  I never watch Hollywood movies....unless forced at the point of a gun....but saw in the main$tream media that some American Indian actors had finally stood up against the Hollywood penchant for offensive stereotyping of indigenous peoples. They courageously walked off the set of an Adam Sandler "comedy" that was making fun of western stereotypes.  An underlying message of these movies has always been to denigrate minorities. You would never see a similar "comedy" making fun of the holocaust, for example. Yet it is never mentioned that over 30 million indigenous people (as a conservative estimate) were wiped out in the 20 years following "first contact" between Europeans and North American indigenous peoples. Hollywood is falling on hard times with the audience dwindling...and this is one of the reasons. Hollywood comedies, as a genre, have become strident, forced, gross/disgusting and terminally "unfunny".

Second on my list is modern linguistics...which could possibly be segued from Hollywood but I won't bother. Did you know that Noam Chomsky got his start as an MIT linguistics professor? Linguistics is one of those hidden alchemist-type arts/pseudo sciences that informs modern culture. New words that appear in our lexicon are invariably forged in the braintrust/shops of the PTB to subliminally influence mass thinking patterns. meanings given to old words or phrases are forced on humanity as a strategy of mind control. I only need to offer one phrase to illustrate what I am saying here "conspiracy theory/theorist". The meaning of this phrase was, according to some accounts, deliberately altered by the CIA in the 60's and 70's after the Kennedy assassinations--to minimize and ridicule those who countered the official lies.

Two other examples of how words have been altered are "populist"--when describing a leader and "anecdotal"--when describing scientific evidence. "Populist", even going back to the time of JFK was a positive designation...meaning a leader who reached out/appealed to the mass population. Now it means someone that the elite needs to target/eliminate because s/he is a "loose cannon", rolling around dangerously on the deck of public governance. "Anecdotal" used to mean first person evidence by witnesses describing what they actually saw or experienced.  Now it means evidence that needs to be dismissed because it's not in the form of a graph, public relations survey and/or wasn't examined in a Big Pharma laboratory petrie dish under a microscope. Examples of anecdotal evidence routinely dismissed in the main$tream media include all the evidence against vaccinations. Everyone knows someone who's children were negatively affected by childhood vaccinations...or who were themselves negatively affected by the "flu vaccine". But all this evidence is dismissed as "anecdotal". Speaking of vaccinations....IMO it's all a scam...whether for humans or for animals.  I just had to pay over $250 to have my three dogs vaccinated. I did it because you can't board or kennel unvaccinated dogs...even though there is lots of anecdotal evidence that animal vaccinations cause cancers in the exact area of vaccination. I can provide anecdotal evidence of what happened years ago to my cat...if anyone's interested.

Third on my list of RANT topics is again on the subject of subliminal mind control/surveillance. What's with these "software companies" that have money to burn to advertise on TV like and Who really owns these companies? They seem to have very deep pockets. I would never take either of these companies up on their relentlessly dinning TV invitations to log into their programs (sometimes for free) and plug in all my personal information.

In the case of"someone" is collecting a lot of heritage information for some purpose and in the case of"someone" is collecting a lot of information about our IQ/brain power. I'm going to ask the questions: A) How do these companies make money? and, B) What do they do with this information? Sell it? Are these surveillance intrusions "weeding out" projects by the PTB? Will some of us end up on the "culling room floor"? Will they result in future politicians having their past....going back generations...thrown in their faces---or be blackmailed--if they step out of line? The most annoying thing about is that you have no control. One of your stupid and/or naive relatives could plug in all your personal information without you ever being aware!!!

Last on my list of RANTS is on the topic of terror drills. I recently did a post about the upcoming JADE HELM drill. IMO, this is a quintessential terror drill. The government is no doubt planning something BIG for the summer and into the fall. They are asking for "crisis actors". Who signs up for this job anyway? Don't the idiots know that once they have "acted" in a terror drill they are vulnerable to being "offed" as unnecessary baggage/patsies who might spill the beans? A teacher in Oregon is suing her local school district for post traumatic stress caused by a terror drill in her school. Read the details and then shake your head at what's going on here. Again, what is the connection between drills and the terror/tyranny types? Corporations and big business are also involved. Terror is big business...we have to keep those crisis actors busy....and under control...waiting for the "big event".

I will close this RANT with some positive news. It appears from an upcoming US court case that chimpanzees may get recognized as being "persons" under the law. I'm totally in favour of this advance in compassion for other mammals and life on this planet. After all...women just became recognized as "persons" back in the 1920's. Chimps are just catching up to women.


Penny said...

fyi greencrow
there is more then anecdotal evidence that vaccines give our pets cancer----

I actually came across an article where it is suggested that pets be vaccinated in their tail, so when cancer comes, they can just have their tail removed.
Yup mutilate them!
I would not let the vet vaccinate my cat yearly- just every few years
she will soon be 19 human years old and I am sure the lack of vaccination has allowed her to live a long healthy life

Penny said...

Not the one about injecting into the tail, but, this is an interesting read:

"Years ago, vets started noticing tumors forming in the area between the shoulders, where cats are vaccinated. The tumors are rare, occurring in 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 10,000 cats. Veterinarians now give this type of vaccine low on a cats' front or hind legs so they can amputate if a tumor develops, potentially saving the cats' life"

greencrow said...

Hi Penny:

Yes I heard about that second link and connected the dots between it and what happened to my dearly beloved cat, Flicka, RIP, who passed away from cancer that started as a lump....right between her shoulder blades.