Wednesday, April 15, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: CSIS and RCMP set up Canadian Patsy for Terror in Canada

Press for Truth breaks story about how Patsies are created in Canada

Folks, this is what greencrow has been saying for years. CSIS or The Canadian Security and Intelligence Service is the biggest terror operation in the history of Canada. It is a foreign mole that has embedded itself in the Canadian Government.  Its purpose and goal is to create terror, instability in Canadian society and weaken the nation in preparation for future globalization. The true orders in CSIS come from the US-Israel nexus of power. Harper is supporting this operation in Canada. It has a huge budget and stages terror events across Canada to get even bigger taxpayer funding.

The National Post, the source for the an Israeli-controlled news outlet in Canada. This newspaper is the sister newspaper of The Jerusalem Post. It reports on this trial to both publicize the terror staging and to ridicule conspiracy theories that the patsy expounds. It is very unprofessional reporting by this very deep-pocketed newspaper (basically handed out free by the millions of copies every day in Canada!) when peoples lives are at stake and are being ruined by CSIS and RCMP officials.

BIG Thanks goes out to Press for Truth for putting out this video--which should be shared order to let the air out of the noxious CSIS terror balloon.

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