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Blacks in America UPDATED

UPDATE:  April 20, 2015 I have added quite a few new links to this post...including a video below of a debate between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King.  And this link plus one other below re the latest black man to die (in Baltimore) while in US police custody.  Six police officers have been suspended pending investigation.

Malcolm X - American Activist and Hero to All Races

Here's an interesting interview with an American Black activist.  He's saying that what is going on in the USA...between the overwhelmingly white police forces and blacks is coming close to genocide. There is no doubt the incidents of white-on-black police/authoritarian violence have escalated.

I am going to make a few suggestions about what's behind this rise in violence and what can be done about it.  I'm not saying I'm totally right.  Obviously those who live in the US would have a better idea of what is going on than I do.  But there are very few Americans who will truthfully confront this social powder keg...for obvious reasons.  So what I'm going to do is throw some fresh ideas out there for discussion. First of all...visible minorities in white societies always have a tough time fighting racism...that is the way it is in Canada and all over the world.  But the blacks in America have a few unique elements to their situation.  Firstly, their ancestors were brought over to North America as slaves (no one is supposed to mention this history) they didn't immigrate here by themselves.  There is no part of the US that is historically "theirs"...even though they make up a sizable minority. Conversely...while it is verboten to admit...whites are defensive/resentful that their society/communities are being "infiltrated" by this cultural and visible minority.  Just look up the common expression 'white flight" to understand what I'm talking about.  To some degree, the above historical background has led to social marginalization and economic dependency of Blacks in America. It's hard to have "pride" when popular culture/society is always subliminally shoving this history in your face.

Here is a video of a debate between Malcolm X and Martin Luther will see that many of the issues that they confronted....still exist today!

Debate between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King

Consider the possibility that the recent emergence of Russia as a world power could be putting even more pressure on the American white society.  Whites in America look at the cultural homogeneity of Russia and ask themselves..."Russians don't have to accommodate so many visible minorities. Does that give them a long term advantage over us?"

The other thing that needs to be said is there have been so many lies about who perpetrated the criminal African slave trade over the course of at least four centuries (Jews) and who, today are keeping African-Americans down through their control of mainstream culture (Jews).  Jews need to quit hiding their slaver history behind white populations.   Remember that Jewish owner of the NBA basketball team who was recorded a year or so ago....telling his girlfriend not to bring blacks to the basketball games? That's the very tip of the iceberg.  There needs to be a face-to-face truth and reconciliation dialogue between Jews and black Americans about this shameful history and reparations need to be paid.  As far as I am concerned...blacks would do a lot better if they were given a homeland...a State like North Carolina where they are the official legal majority and where the society and laws are constituted to acknowledge that fact. Where, for instance, the police force needs to be black.  This would contribute to real pride of heritage.

American History needs to be revised to tell the true stories about the black struggle in America and, how, again shamefully, their leaders and heroes like Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were systematically eliminated by elements in the US government. There needs to be new investigations of these murders and the perpetrators named.  I believe with the right leadership....and Obama was not....Americans have the good will, the flexibility and the accommodation to rectify these valid black grievances and make racial diversity in America a strength...not a weakness or threat.

Martin Luther King's Last Speech "I have been to the Mountain"

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