Monday, April 6, 2015

Bio-genetic engineering and Nanotechnology = Transhumanism?

Neo-Humanity...merging man with Machine

I read recently that Joni Mitchell (Saskatchewan-born Canadian folk singer/songwriter from the 60's and 70's who has been living in California for most of her life) fell unconscious in her home and was taken to hospital where she is making a slow recovery.  I saw the reports in the mainstream media and particularly the lying BBC... which took the time to mention that Joni Mitchell suffers from a strange modern disease called "morgellons".  The BBC ended its report on Joni with the insulting statement that morgellons is commonly believed to be a psychosomatic/mental illness. I wondered why the BBC "voice of the evil elite" had taken upon itself to denigrate Joni Mitchell...but then remembered that Joni had recently come out with the opinion that Bob Dylan (untouchable zio-icon) was a "fake" and had not written some of his songs himself.  Joni actually dated Bob back in the day and so she might be right about this.

Joni Mitchell

It got me to thinking about "morgellons" and, coincidentally, I came across this very interesting presentation which explains the disease (morgellons explained at 23:25 of  this video).  People who have morgellons get painful long-lasting open skin lesions on their bodies.  Viewed under a microscope...these lesions appear to be growing and ejecting fibers or filaments of a non-human origin.

The video presenter begins by discussing chemtrails but then moves on to morgellons...speculating that the people behind chemtrails may be putting nano-sized artificial biochemical filaments into the chemtrail substance (Which I said in an earlier post was mainly coal mining waste)...and thereby into the air we breathe. The purpose of this is to infuse humans with bio-tech genetic substances as part of the ongoing process to alter our DNA and change humans into transhumans. You could say that the video presenter went from "wierd" to "high wierdness" in a "nanosecond".

Russian Putin adviser Sergei Glaziev said in an interview I posted earlier in the year that WWIII will be fought over who gets to control nanotechnology. So....this was where he was going! Joni Mitchell has really got herself between a rock and a hard place...she not only tore a strip off that faker, Bob Dylan....but she also professes to have a disease that has negative implications for the end game of the illuminati--post or transhumanism.

The video presenter says that transhumans will be developed in two separate streams...the elite--who will reproduce--and the workers--who will be gender-neutral, sterile, stupid and compliant.  The vast majority of transhumans will be of the latter category.  Naturally, the elites won't want too many of themselves as competition...right?

Now I know how the NASA-types think they can solve the Van Allen Radiation belts that have imprisoned humans in inner space and have made generational liars out of the "Apollo mission moonies".  NASA understands that while humans, as we are presently constituted, cannot traverse the belts...perhaps a genetically "tweaked' trans-human would be able to reach outer space...and they say.  The big year for the change-over from human to transhuman is 2045.  The transhumanist scientists are really looking forward to this because then they can download (or is it upload?) their brains and become "immortal".

I really recommend you watch the video to the end.  It did connect a lot of dots for me as to the "whats"and "whys" of current happenings on earth. Amazingly, one of the evil ones actually comes out of the shadows--Ray Kurzwell (author of "The Transcendant Man" and chief proponent of Transhumanism). He's a demon-like man who gets the last word.  He opines ominously that "God doesn't exist....yet." And speculates that transhumans will move on to take over the universe! If that isn't an assertion of the outright Talmudic "theology" of the satan-worshippers...I don't know what is. Now I believe there IS something that could be worse than global annihilation via a thermonuclear war....transhumanism.

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