Thursday, March 19, 2015

What's going on in Mexico? UPDATED

MARCH 29 2015 - More student protests over missing Mexican students.  Police confront protesters.  The murderers of these young people must be very powerful to evade justice.

MARCH 26, 2015 - Silent march takes place in El Paso, Texas for the 43 missing kidnapped Mexican Students.  Their parents are holding out hope that they are still alive.

MARCH 20, 2015 - Former Mexican President Vincente Fox interviewed by WeAreChange....marvels at the way drugs are distributed quickly from Mexico throughout the US and asks why the US policing authorities are unable to stop it.  "Maybe they don't want to."

"Pancho and Lefty", written by Townes Van Zandt 
sung by Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan

What is going on in Mexico?  This is a question I've been asking for quite a few years now...ever since the 2006 federal election was stolen from the Mexican People by the International Regime changers/coup-masters at the highest echelons of American political and corporate power.  The fraud associated with that election was so blatant that millions...I mean millions...of Mexicans gathered and camped out in the central square of Mexico City for an effort to restore the rightful winner of that election (Obrador) over the fraudulent usurper/US puppet Calderó matter. Calderón stayed in power and ruled till 2012 when current president Peña Nieto took over. Peña Nieto was declared president-elect after the 2012 general election was declared valid by the Federal Electoral Tribunalamidst accusations of electoral fraud. Two elections in a row with accusations of massive electoral fraud!  Sounds like the Bush elections.  Peña Nieto took office on 1 December 2012, succeeding Felipe Calderón as president. Peña Nieto still runs the country...with less than 20% of public support, according to recent public opinion polls. He has four more years left in his term. Funny how massive public demonstrations can either be catalysts for revolution/coup (i.e., Ukraine)--or completely ignored by the Main$tream Media (i.e., Mexico).

One reason I care about Mexico is because it shares the North American continent with the country I am a citizen of...Canada. As Canadians and Mexicans say about the North American continent: "So far from God. So near to the United States of America".  And, as Prime Minister Trudeau said about Canada...Mexico also has to "sleep with an elephant"...who might roll over at any time.  I have vacationed in Mexico several times in the past and can say it is one of the best countries to go for a reasonably priced but high quality tropical vacation.  Canadians by the millions travel to the exclusive resorts that line the ocean fronts every winter and spring.  There we find white sand, cloudless skies....wonderful accommodations, excellent food and much merriment...whatever our taste.  I have found average Mexicans to be intelligent, honest and extremely hard working.

The Mexico I visit on vacation--and the Mexico I hear about on the news, unfortunately, are worlds apart...almost parallel universes. Here is a recent report from We Are Change reports from Mexico City about rampant drug-based corruption in Mexico. There has been an on-going cross border drug and gun running scandal called "Fast and Furious" for more than a decade. The elite power structure in both countries blames "drug cartels" for the violence and mayhem that's plaguing the country (other than the resorts) but everyone knows... thanks to Gary Webb... that the CIA is the biggest drug runner in the world.

The worst incident of the decades long so-called "War on Drugs" was the mass kidnapping/murder of 43 Mexican Students  that took place last September, 2014 in one of the outlying provinces. The Mayor of the village where the kidnappings/murders took place (and his wife) were implicated, but there has been a massive cover-up of this atrocity and we still don't know why these young people were killed. It would appear there is a systematic operation gladio-style reign of terror being waged against ordinary Mexicans to keep them down and fearful in their homes and villages...or fleeing the country to the US.  Fear also keeps Mexicans dependent on their fraudulent puppet rulers.

As time goes on and the corruption grows--it rarely breaks through the hermetic seal that separates average Mexico from the tourist resorts...violent incidents are, however, affecting tourists more and more. Just a few days ago a Canadian man in his 50's was beaten to death on a beach at a resort.

Average Mexicans risk their lives to fight back against corruption:

Mexicans protest US support for Drug Cartels

I say outspoken Mexicans "risk their lives" because, as the "We are Change" reporter said in the video link above, the repressive Mexican state has outlawed public speech against the government. Warrantless arrest, detention and torture is widespread.  Endemic police (Federales) corruption has led to vigilantes and even vigilantes who say they will run for government.

Understandably, all the corruption, violence and mayhem has had a negative effect on the Mexican economy.  Silver production, one of the two main commodities produced in Mexico (the other is oil) is slipping. The US is threatening to intervene in Mexican internal affairs if the oil production is negatively affected.

This brings me to my theory about what lies behind the mayhem in Mexico. The US is planning towards a North American Union and wants to "buy up" Canada and Mexico at firesale prices. In other words....during any negotiations towards further harmonization (harmonization between the three countries is already well advanced but entirely under the table and secretive) the US wants to be able to say to Mexico (and Canada) "Hey, your country is a political, security and economic basket case...we'll take it off your hands...but because your country needs so much will have to take a very poor deal from us". In other words...they need Mexico to be a failed state (the US is the world expert at creating failed states).

Canada is also being pressured--but on a much less overt basis. We are always having our borders challenged by the US in international court...and the US rigs the economy so our resources/commodities are sold at below value prices. There is also a pernicious drug trade that comes up to Canada through Central America, Mexico and the US. Wonder who is facilitating that crime? Hmmmmm.   

The US population is constantly being stoked by the Main$tream Media into fear and anger over the massive illegal immigrant problem of Mexicans fleeing to the US. My view is that this is all social provide a ready source of cheap and compliant (fearful) labour.  In other words the mayhem may be manufactured for political, economic and social reasons.

To summarize...If the United Nations was a viable legal entity...I think Mexico and Canada would have strong and legitimate legal cases to bring--alleging massive interference and corruption of internal affairs (especially in the case of Mexico). "Pancho and Lefty", the song in the video at the beginning of this post is an excellent and timeless metaphor for the US/Mexican dynamic. At the end of the song:
Lefty's living in a cheap hotel........the dust that Pancho bit down south...ended up in Lefty's mouth.

The United States, by systematically subverting the State of Mexico, is short-sightedly soiling in its own backyard. It will pay for it's treatment of Mexico.  In my opinion this could happen sooner rather than later.


tmcfall said...

Yea, and el heffe Fox is not getting a cut? he damn well knows what is going on, he sold out his country lock stock & barrel. fucking slimebag

greencrow said...

Hi tmcfall:

I don't allow swearing in the comments but since you're a first time commentor, I will let it pass with a warning.

Yes, I am not under any illusions about Vincente Fox...didn't he work for Coke? I guess it's a matter of degree...when he was president...there wasn't the wholesale gangland crime throughout Mexico that there is now. If you look at the video of Fox...he looks sheepish (no pun intended).