Monday, March 23, 2015

What Really Happened in Crimea

A Video Describing the Events that led to the Reunification of Crimea with Russia

This video has just been posted by The Saker.  I am copying it here because it describes the critical events that led to the non-violent ("velvet") reunification of Crimea with Russia.  In the Referendum that solidified and formalized this reunification, Crimeans voted over 95% to rejoin Russia. As a Canadian, what speaks to me most clearly are the language rights involved. Canadians, with our french speaking minority, based mainly in Quebec, have been inculcated from early childhood to respect ethnic minorities and particularly their language rights. Canada is officially a bi-lingual nation, even though in BC, where I live, there are statistically very few french speaking Canadians. We understand that Canada, as we know it, cannot exist without respect for language rights!  

Crimeans are overwhelmingly Russian-speaking--but the Kiev Junta that took over eastern Ukraine via a violent and illegal coup...immediately outlawed Russian as the second official language. When the Canadian government failed to acknowledge Crimean Russian language rights... and our Prime Minister Stephen Harper told Putin to "give back Crimea"...I was shocked by the inherent hypocrisy of his statement.  Harper ignored Crimeans' right to their ethnicity, language and culture...all the while Canada is supposed to be the international champion of minority language rights.  

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