Monday, March 2, 2015

Was Boris Nemtsov a double (or was it triple) agent? UPDATED

UPDATE:  March 3, 2015 Apparently there were at least six conspirators keeping surveillance over Nemtsov on the day of his murder.  Investigation update from FortRuss blog.

Nemtsov Assassination - Map of Crime Scene

This link is to a translation from a Russian article on the blog FortRuss.  It posits the theory that Nemtsov could have been Putin's double agent.  Playing the playboy and buffoon "leader of the liberal (American financed) opposition"....all the while under cover Nemtsov was actually supplying information to the FSB (formerly KGB).  This is certainly an interesting angle. It might explain the very "respectful" comportment of the Russian government subsequent to Nemtsov's well as the large turn-out at his commemorative parade yesterday.  The theory goes that Nemtsov was ``uncovered`` by his pro-Kiev/western handlers and they killed him in such an obvious manner right in front of the Kremlin--both as a threat and a warning.

Here is a more standard alternative explanation from Scott Creighton.

The second theory also makes a lot of sense and explains some of the unique details of the crime.  Neither explanation answers all the questions posed by the circumstances.  My main question is:  What was that service vehicle doing following along beside the couple and providing a shield/cover for the actual murder?  I would like to know what the driver has to say.

As my regular readers know, I visited Russia last summer. You can see some photos we took by clicking on the special page "Spirit of Russia"  here, or at the top of this blog page. When we toured Moscow, one of the bus tours was called "Moscow by Night".  Our guide, Tatiyana, tried to get the bus to drop us off right in front of Red Square--but there was a traffic jam (there is always a traffic jam in Moscow!) So the bus driver was forced to drive over the bridge were Nemtsov was killed and park in that little parking lot shown in the map above, below the stairway where the killer was waiting for Nemtsov. We got out and walked up that stairway, across the bridge and back to Red Square. It's a short walk. My main memory of the experience is the pungent odor of urine...which Tatiyana told us was because drunks and vagrants used that parking lot and the stairway as a hangout after dark. It was the only time in the whole time I was in Russia that I saw anything like the "urban underbelly" that's so prevalent in western cities...particularly my own city, Vancouver.  I never saw anything even close to East Hastings Street, Vancouver when I was in Russia.

So it's very weird to think that I walked up the same stairway as the killer of Nemtsov.  At any rate, I hope this investigation doesn't end up like the MH17 investigation...going nowhere...once its use as a propaganda tool has reached its "best before`` date. Unless there are some major developments, this will probably be my last post exclusively devoted to this topic.


rubbell said...

I visited St. Petersburg in 2012 and was enthralled but with so many broken windows any suggestion of sedate, stately, were scratched. In the real world, blithely pissing off Russia sounds dangerous but maybe just for trolls. Money men are so smart they just keep on rolling. Here in Edmonton, I can not get one person jealous, by telling them I had five minutes in front of Da Vinci's, Madonna and Baby Jesus. R. Olausen, Edmonton Alberta.

greencrow said...

Hi rubbell:

You saw broken windows in St. Petersburg? Where was that? I was there but didn't see any. The Hermitage was beyond words.


Unknown said...

MOSCOW - The killing of a key opposition figure is a “disgrace” to Russia, President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday. In televised remarks to Interior Ministry employees, Putin condemned the slaying of Boris Nemtsov. There have been all kinda of persons who falsely had wanted him dead for his false support of Ukraine. The Investigative Committee, the Kremlin’s agency for criminal probes, is even examining several theories, including whether Nemtsov was a “sacrificial lamb” to destabilize Russia or if Islamist extremists angry over his support for French magazine Charlie Hebdo killed him. More Liklely "since Boris Yeltsin's day, Russia has also been ruled by a group of oligarchs who became very very wealthy and have no intention of putting up with anyone who threatens that wealth. TheWestern News media skews the facts" about the diversity in the Russian Dumas and the number of opposition parties and "lies and pretends" that Boris Nemtsov's party was the only opposition of any consequence., Likely cause he was a Jew.. There are several parties with more elected officials than the party that Nemtsov belonged to. Comparatively, he would be at the level of support in Canadian politics to Elizabeth May of the Green Party. Nemtsov was only a minor player in Russian politics., a loser at that.

greencrow said...

Hi Paul...thanks for the comment...just curious...what hypothesis are you leaning towards as re who assassinated Nemtsov?


greencrow said...

Just saw this on FortRuss blog:

[A comment in Russian] is going viral on the Russian side of the internet, and it reads as follows:

“Since the current US ambassador arrived in Russia, they killed Nemtsov, while he was in Georgia they killed Zhvaniya, and in Ukraine—Gongadze. Coincidence?”

Each of the three was a prominent opposition figure, and in each case his death had led to political upheaval. To quote Ian Fleming, “once is a happenstance, twice--a coincidence, three times--enemy action.”