Thursday, March 12, 2015

Videographer Morris108 Seriously Ill in Cambodia UPDATE

UPDATE: March 14, 2015   - There is a  video update on Morris's facebook page
Morris is conscious but is "not being a very good patient" as they say....being restless and wanting to leave hospital.  Luckily, Joaquin Flores had a timely phone conversation with him and convinced him to stay and complete his course of antibiotics.  If Morris wants to make a full recovery, he needs to cool his jets and allow his body time and space to recover from a "near death' experience.  Best wishes for a complete recovery, Morris!!!

March 12, 2015  - There is a complete running update on Morris's medical condition on Facebook:
I just found this out as I don't go on Facebook for religious reasons (just kidding about that...the fact is I hate Facebook and Twitter). Anyway, it appears Morris has stabilized and is in and out of consciousness.  Go Morris!!!!


Someone I have known for some years now, through the Internet, Morris108 has apparently fallen seriously ill in Cambodia, where he has been living for about a year. I first encountered Morris several years ago when he was living in his homeland, England (apparently he was born and raised in Leeds). Morris traveled around the country and filmed videos about newsworthy issues and published them on his YouTube Account. He asked for donations for this service and I did give him some donations from time to time because I thought what he did and the way he did it was unique and worthwhile. Morris has a gift for the interview. He can draw information out of people in a gentle, patient way and ask the right questions. Then he simply sits back and listens, only interrupting to ask another question or make a relevant point.

Morris got fed up with England about two years ago and travelled to India. Following him around India, where he travelled solo on his rickety motorbike with all his camera paraphernalia, was quite an adventure for all concerned. Then his visa in India ran out and he travelled to Malaysia. That was also an adventure...he went to the market places and showed all the strange goings on in a different culture. Many times I felt I was travelling along with him (without the tremendous effort and discomfort that travelling in that mode must have caused him). I worried about him travelling around on those broken down second hand motor bikes without a helmet and told him so. He had several accidents on the motorbike. Morris doesn't drink or smoke, so in many ways he lives a healthy lifestyle...but he did take chances in visiting third world tropical countries--and in his mode of travel/subsistence lifestyle.

From Malaysia, Morris went to Cambodia, and seemed to at last find his home. In his most recent videos he told us he had settled down and was living in a tiny rikety home on stilts on a riverbank in rural Cambodia. He had met a local woman, much younger than himself (I guess he's in his 50's) who has a young daughter. He took us on a video tour of his new home and, with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, I can now see that perhaps that home was a more dangerous place to live than it appears on the video...and it did appear to be dangerous on the video. When I saw it I thought it could easily be swept away during a tropical storm...or that the sewage issues must be serious--with poor access to clean water and several critters (huge geckos that screamed in the night) living in the home with them. I worried about the baby girl living in that home, but didn't think it would be a threat to Morris.

From reports, around last Friday, March 7, 2013, Morris suddenly took ill, sank into a coma and has not regained consciousness. His female partner took him to hospital and he was then moved to the larger hospital in the capital city of Cambodia, Phenom Penh. He is apparently being fed through a tube. A doctor at the hospital used Morris's laptop (brought to the hospital by his partner) in an effort to contact his friends/family. It appears while Morris did not have any relatives in his contacts, he does have a large family of viewers/subscribers. Joaquin Flores and Soviet Bear being two other bloggers who had regular contact with Morris. I found out when I was visiting the Jeff Rense website. The doctor has told Morris's friends that he was in critical condition with only a 50/50 chance of survival. At first they thought he had been felled by an aneurism but now think it is meningitis...which is a bacterial inflammation of the brain. The doctor said that even if Morris survives, he may not be the Morris we once knew. 

This is not an obituary. Morris is a tough old bird. If anyone can recover, he can. I'm sending Morris positive karma and hoping that he makes a swift and complete recovery. Morris is on the higher level of blogger with my other blogging friends who have passed on (Piglipstick and Kenny's Sideshow). But, more than they or any other blogger I know, Morris lives a life of adventure and creates his own news stories. He's irreplaceable! Get well quick, Morris!!!

Over the Rainbow - Song going out to morris108

If anyone finds out anything more recent about Morris's condition I would appreciate it if they could post it here as a comment. Thanks.


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