Sunday, March 15, 2015

UK newspapers giving Putin the "Diana" treatment UPDATED

UPDATE: March 17, 2015 - More than likely, what Putin was doing during his 10 days out of the limelight was meeting with his military personnel to co-ordinate a response to the threats made to Russia on many fronts by America...including the statement by a retired US General on FOX that the US needs to "start killing Russians".

March 16, 2015 Putin has reappeared and the Western media has it's "pound of flesh". It is satiated, but only for the moment.  As we have learned, sadly, through the "Diana experience"...once the M$M gets 'seized" with a will never let go until the subject is eliminated.  Look for the "feeding frenzy" to continue and escalate.

Russia after Putin - the Video

Diana, Princess of Wales was mercilessly hounded by the UK press for years before she died under mysterious circumstances in 1997.  Now they're hounding Putin. He can't cancel an appointment or take a much deserved break from the media spotlight without all kinds of rumours and allegations being spread about his demise, imminent fatherhood...whatever.

It's not only the UK newspapers, it's the entire western media that is behaving irresponsibly.  When the western Main$tream media grabs hold of a prominent individual, especially one that the elite don't's like watching a Preying Mantis mating ritual. The press will never let go until the subject is eliminated. We've seen the media ritual over and over again, Michael Jackson, John Lennon...and many others.

If Putin survives this kind of media targeting, he will truly be the "grand chessmaster" of all time...and I wish him the best of Irish Luck on this pre-St. Patrick's day weekend....come to think of it...the Irish were targeted for elimination by the Brits way back in the days of Oliver Cromwell, leading up to the potato famine...and we survived!

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