Sunday, March 1, 2015

Caw RANT Events #1

Crow Caw Rant #1

This RANT (loosely modeled on one of my compatriots blog rants)is a feature that I hope to make a regular addition to my blog.  Sometimes you hear crows cawing in the neighbourhood, and they sound quite angry.  Nobody knows what they're telling each other.  In the case of my will know.

My first rant will be about the main$tream media coverage of the Nemtsov assassination...and particularly the parade this morning (Sunday, March 1 2015).  I went to my default media liar network the BBC (Biggest and Best Calumny) and it didn't let me down. The first thing I noted on the main web page was the longshot photo of the crowd.

Nemtsov Crowd

One thing I learned years ago is that unless the cabal is behind a public demonstration, you will rarely see a longshot or aerial photograph of the crowd in the M$M.  All you will see are random photos of weirdos selected from the crowd.  The media manipulators will try to make the gathering as fringe and weird as possible.  In this case, there was a nice overhead shot...with lots of Russian flags. I would take the presence of Russian flags as a sign that ordinary Russians are trying to show the world:  a) Russians support the Russian government; and b) that ordinary Russians are trying to control the the standard cabalist provocateurs cannot mass together and cause their usual problems--vandalism, attacking police, setting fires to police cars---as happened in Vancouver during the "Stanley Cup Riots" a few years ago--when provocateurs (many came up from the US) took over the gathering.

When I clicked on the actual story on the BBC, the photos were different.  There were no overhead shots of the crowd.  There were just selected photos of the pro Nemtsov element.  Gone were the Russian flags.  This represents the true message of the cabal.  The CBC (Canada's Best Calumny) is showing a huge banner with Nemtsov's face leading the parade.

Nemtsov Face Banner

I put a comment on the thread "Did Soros pay for that banner?" Billionaire cabalist George Soros is great at providing "appropriate" signage and banners all over the world for "colour revolution" parades and other phony demonstrations. How long in advance did they have that banner made up I wonder. It looks like a lot of work and VERY expensive. Now, I actually have a "Soros demonstration sign" in my closet.  I picked it up from a big pile of similar signs at a peace demonstration against the War on Iraq over a decade ago now.  I keep it in my closet as a reminder of how most public demonstrations are now "controlled" by the cabal. My sign is quite slick (literally and figuratively)  It is made of plasticized paper and is stapled to a piece of wood obviously manufactured for that purpose.  It's a brightly coloured graphic of a clenched fist.  At the top it says "No Justice,"  and at the bottom it says "no Peace!".  When I cottoned on to Soro's technique...I mentally changed the punctuation to "No Justice. No Peace".

Last night, the CBC news/chat forums were a Troll Fest.  I called it "50 Shades of Trolls".  There must have been hundreds of user accounts spamming thousands of comments--all denigrating Putin in the most vile ways and of blatantly convicting him of the murder of Nemtsov.  It was almost like they knew in advance about the murder and had ordered up a special army of Trolls just for the weekend forums (remember I said that a red flag to the assassination was that it was on a Friday...timed neatly for the weekend news/chat forums).

Meanwhile, on RT (very good and balanced update on the situation in Moscow here) report on and Press TV (the only news channels that I somewhat trust)...the latest on the murder is that CCTV footage indicates the killer was waiting on the bridge to ambush Nemtsov. I'm hoping that they will solve this murder mystery sooner rather than later...because the political propaganda hay the globalist, neocon, ziofascist cabal are making out of it is no mystery AT ALL!  

Oh, and this is all a convenient distraction from the Ukraine having no money to prepay Russia for its gas crisis.  Putin warned Ukraine (and its puppetmasters) last week that if the money was not received by Russia by this weekend...the gas would be shut off.  To be continued...

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