Tuesday, March 24, 2015

American Politics...illusion of choice - colouring book edition UPDATED

UPDATE:  March 26 2015  video news report says Ted Cruz's wife is a member of a Council on Foreign Relations working group on "Building a North American Community".  I did not know that. Is the greencrow not prescient or WHAT?!?!  Sometimes I scare myself : )

US Voters' choice

Americans, like Canadians and all citizens of western "democracies", have no real choice come election time.  As I said in my series on Canadian Politics last year...all the political parties are marching goose-step to the drumbeat of the same international neocon cabal.  In Canada, in terms of fundamental policies, they don't even pretend to be "opposition parties" anymore.  Oh, yes...they'll fight to the death about wearing a hajib in court or some similar TV soundbite.  But it's just window dressing to create the illusion of choice.

The United States is the same--with The Republicrats and The Democans...as some pundits call them.  In the 2016 US election, Americans have the choice of:

Secretary of State Democrat Hillary Clinton

        Republican Governor Jeb Bush

These two scions of major American crime families seem to be duking it out (or their bankster supporters are anyway) to see who will get the nomination for their parties and to see which one will carry on the same criminal, neocon, globalist, ziofascist, bankster economic and military policies that are implemented year after year without any consultation with citizens. (see this excellent interview with Paul Craig Roberts that touches on internal politics in Washington)

If American voters hope they can head off the upcoming thermonuclear war with Russia by voting for one party or the other...keep in mind that all parties since Clinton have had anti-Russian policies "Russia gives US takes". Clinton and Bush are tested, tried and true protectors of the crime syndicate that brought you 9/11, the wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, attacks on many other smaller vulnerable countries and the current bellicosity towards Russia.

Interestingly, over the past week there has been a new brand introduced to the TV and mass media presidential product placement campaigns.  Ted Cruz, senator from Texas, has announced he will run for president:

Ted Cruz

I have an interesting take on Ted Cruz. It appears he has been mentored by the Bush side of the US crime family governing unit. Using my well honed skills of reverse engineering the "news" to get at the truth...what I'm coming up with is Ted Cruz is being presented to the north american public as someone who represents "them". When I say them...I mean that he has a foot in the door of Mexico through his Hispanic ancestry on his father's side--and a toehold in Canada due to the fact he was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  

The agenda of the bankster cabal has given a very high priority to the ongoing secret negotiations for the North American Union. The further down the economic pike the US slumps...the more pressure on the planners to get their hands on the resources of Mexico and Canada.With Russia now their "enemy du jour"...and Russia being such a big and impressive landmass...the American bankster oligarchs want to brag about their tundra and steppes the same as Putin. I know it sounds childish and all about image and jealousy. But, hey...that's the way these people think! They are all hypothalamus thinkers...the lot of them!

So this guy, Cruz...with his hispanic last name and his Canadian birthplace--is supposed to lure Canadians and Mexicans away from their nationhood, their own dreams and potential...to stand under the nuclear umbrella (with a big target on top) along with the bankrupt United States. Like I say...it's all product placement. 

As the title of this post suggests...this is merely a colouring book view of the electoral race in the US. The last page should be coloured in midnight black and bloody red. I don't think Canadians OR Mexicans will fall for it. And I don't think Cruz will be (s)elected president either...too risky. But he might well be being presented and primed for some lesser captaincy role--such as navigating the hated North American Union through the treacherous shoals ahead.

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