Sunday, February 22, 2015

UPDATED: Zionist Crazies set off False Flag Bomb in Ukraine--Blame Russia--The 1% Lesson

UPDATE:  May 9, 2015  This post seems to be a popular one, so I will update it with more evidence of the Israeli penchant for supplying weaponry, including rockets/grenades to warring factions in other countries.

Bomb Master at Work

We're SO sick of this tired old ploy.  Just when it seems that peace might be breaking out...we have a bomb set off in a public area in western Ukraine...killing innocent civilians. It is immediately blamed* on Russia...the current enemy #1 of the neocon zionist warmongering globalist cabal.  It's happened over and over again for decades (ever since the Zionist entity became a rogue borderless state).  It's happened on 9/11 and in Afghanistan, Africa, India, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Palestine, etc., etc.....they may blame their constructs (ISIS/al queda or what have you) but we know who they are. Bombs are their obsession, their trade mark and their business calling card.

When I was in my early 20's I had a job downtown that I rode the bus to every day.  I used the time on the bus rides to study humanity.  I learned a lot over the 10 or more years of riding the buses.  One of the most important lessons was the 1% lesson. 99% of the bus riders were quiet, normal passengers who took their seats and kept to themselves for the trip.  However, 1% of the passengers (every few trips or so) were mentally deranged and would get on the bus and cause no end of  havoc and disruption (at times even terror) for the rest of the passengers and the bus the confined environment of the moving vehicle.

Riding the same route every day....I would get to know the passengers by appearance.  I was careful to note the crazies--so I could keep my distance. Sometimes, during crowded rush hours...there was standing room only and I would be forced to stand right next to a 'crazy'. This was a very scary time. I remember one particularly crazy middle-aged lady who got on at the same stop every so often...coincidentally, right outside a hospital.  She would get on...and you would immediately feel the atmosphere in the bus tense and stiffen....everyone knew her by sight.  We tried to keep our distance, but invariably someone (a newbie) would accidentally touch her in the crowded bus. Well...then all hell broke loose. Without a word of warning, she would jab the person who touched her as hard as she could, causing pain. Sometimes she carried an umbrella to do the jabbing...sometimes just her sharp elbows. The person would jump back in shock. She would move aggressively towards the person for the rest of the trip...while the rest of us sat in stunned silence. It got so bad that when she got on the bus...people would try to warn the other passengers...whisper to those nearby..."Move away from her."..twirling their fingers near their heads to indicate "crazy".

Yes, it was only 1% of the population and it only happened occasionally...but it taught me how dangerous/negative these people are to humanity.  What I'm shouting this morning to the Zionists on behalf of all humanity is....Get Off the Friggin' Bus!!!

NOTE: *The giveaway that this is a false flag by the usual suspects is the lockstep main$tream media promotion (I mean coverage) of it...with the immediate jump to conclusion, yada yada yada.

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