Monday, February 2, 2015

Video Conferencing means Foreign Embassies No Longer Necessary

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro

It has long been my opinion that foreign embassies serve the evil ones as headquarters in vulnerable states. Witness the above report on a recent attempted coup in Venezuela...where President Maduro accuses the US vice president Biden of directing US diplomats to approach Venezuelans in an attempt to organize the coup.

How many times have we seen where Embassies have been misused in this way?  Look at what happened last year in Kiev. The entire Maidan coup was run out of the US embassy. There have been persistent rumours that Israel does the same thing, i.e. uses its embassy to spy on and foment trouble in host countries.  There has even been a rumour that Israel has mined its embassies with bombs...including suitcase nukes--that could go off at any time to trigger a False Flag event in a host state.

I say, enough of these embassies.  In this era of video conferencing...let states set up a temporary office in a public building and meet clients to do necessary ambassadorial business and use video conferencing to talk with the folks back home and their other contacts.

The day of formal and permanent embassies is past...they are safety risks to the people who live nearby and to the welfare of the state as a whole.

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