Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ukraine Crisis----following the weekend events

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Very few times in my life have I been so riveted by events on the international stage. History is being made this weekend and is passing before our eyes.  Last night my partner was watching a TV series called "Wired", and the house was full of sirens and car all seemed quite dramatic.  I smiled as I thought that I too was watching a dramatic series...the end of which is a cliffhanger--the events over the Ukraine crisis. Friday, Putin met in the Kremlin with Germany's Merkel and France's Holland to come up with an agreement to solve the crisis caused by US meddling in the affairs of Ukraine.  Like it has in the past with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and currently Syria, the US appears to be in the process of creating another "failed state". This seems to be its objective. The American economy appears to be dependent upon this dynamic. Finally, one country--Russia, has stood up to the US and has said:  "You will not create a failed state/chaos on our doorstep." The most important aspect of the Friday meeting was that the US, instigator of the crisis...even Obama admitted as much recently...was not present.

Remember back last summer the G20 meeting in Brisbane? There was a deliberate western strategy of isolation and disrespect by the NATO contingency towards Putin? Even my own country's leader, Stephen Harper said to Putin (and I quote) "I guess I will shake your hand, but I have only one thing to say to you.  You need to get out of Ukraine."  Putin left the meeting early.

Well, on Friday Putin must have had a difficult time keeping a straight face, as two of the G20 crowd came crawling back to him, begging him to help get them out of the mess in Ukraine. You see, the Novorossyian militia has won the battle in eastern Ukraine and, at this moment, has surrounded upwards of 7000 to 8000 Ukraine military. The Kiev Junta soldiers have been cut off from their supplies and reinforcements...they cannot leave.  Worse, according to reports, there are numbers of US contractors and CIA in the captive/surrounded forces.  If there is not a negotiated settlement, there could be a significant loss of US lives. Yet, the US was not invited to attend the Friday meeting.  This was the historic development...this is the trend of power.  Putin, has not only survived the ignominy of last summer's G20 meeting...he's prevailed.  He's the defacto leader of the world. As American writer and former government official Paul Craig Roberts has said, "Putin is the leader of the moral world".  

I am trying to think's amazing...I vaguely remember hearing a prophesy or reading on-line somewhere that there would be a world leader emerging from the east.  I can't remember the details but it appears that this prophesy has come true.  Whatever happens from now on...there's been a sea change.  The world, from this weekend onward...will no longer look to the US for direction, moral or otherwise.  The mantle has shifted.  The world will continue to react to the US (as one would respond to any serious/out of control situation)....but it will not automatically acquiesce.

Below is a video of Lavrov's speech (and question and answer period) this morning to the NATO meeting in Munich. His description of the Russian position is compelling and erudite as usual.  I would recommend watching the entire video because during the question and answer period, Lavrov states the Russian position on the Crimea...which appears to be US/NATO's "moral fig leaf" in Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov speaking at NATO meeting this morning

As developments continue over the weekend, I will post them here.

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